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Brain cancer is a type of cancer where malignant tissues attack the cells of the brain and develop a tumor. This tumor results into unwanted growth of cells near the area of brain. These cells later tend to spread to all parts of the body. Brain cancer cure is an important step to treat the tumor and get rid of the malignant tissues. If the necessary steps are taken to cure brain cancer at early stages, further development of this tumor can be avoided. Brain cancer early signs should be interpreted correctly before recommending a certain brain cancer cure. Brain cancer cure generally depends upon the characteristics, symptoms and diagnosis of the disease. A medical study conducted by American Cancer Foundation shows that more than 80,000 people are diagnosed with this cancer every year.

Brain cancer cure can be classified into:

  • Brain cancer diagnosis
  • Brain cancer treatment

Brain cancer is divided into two types:

  • Primary brain cancer
  • Secondary brain cancer

Primary brain cancer is a type of cancer which spreads from other parts of the body towards the brain. Here brain is the last target of the tumor and so there is no future widespread.

Secondary brain cancer is a type of cancer which originates in the brain. Brain is the main location of the development of tumor. Later this tumor spreads to other parts of the body through the blood streams. This tumor weakens the brain and makes it incapable of recognizing the signals of the body. So the person finds it very difficult to maintain the equilibrium and balance of the body.

Some of the symptoms of brain cancer include:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty in maintaining body equilibrium
  • Constant fever
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Weakened immune system
  • Difficulty in hearing
  • Difficulty in vision
  • Headache

Causes of brain cancer:

Brain cancer causes are still unknown and has become an interesting topic of research for the researchers. Some of the indirect causes of brain cancer include cigarette smoking, tobacco chewing and alcohol consumption as nicotine is considered as the harmful substance for brain. People working in petroleum industries, chemical industries, oil refineries are also prone to brain cancer. Consumption of other toxic substances and drugs can also lead to brain cancer.

Diagnosis of brain cancer:

analysis of brain cancer includes several blood tests, CT scan, MRI scan, X-rays etc. If the tumor is not detected in these tests other therapies like Craniotomy, Stereotactic therapy are conducted and the malignant tissues are removed. These tissues are then examined by the neurosurgeons and neurologists and a suitable treatment is suggested accordingly. Brain cancer cure depends upon the size of the tumor and its widespread to other parts.

Treatment of brain cancer:

Treatment of brain cancer is an important step toward brain cancer cure as it helps to kill the malignant spread and stops its widespread. Treatment of brain cancer includes radiation therapy, chemotherapy and nutrition therapy.

Explanation of brain cancer treatment:-


Brain Cancer Cure Chemotherapy includes prescription of certain vaccinations and drugs. These drugs help to kill the malignant tissues and restrict their growth. This treatment is generally avoided by the doctors because of its numerous side effects. After certain period of time, the doctor advises to stop the consumption of these medicines and the person is given some time to recover from the side effects. Side effects of chemotherapy include weight loss, appetite loss, skin problems etc.

Radiation therapy:

Radiation therapy is the most recommended treatment of brain cancer. In this treatment, radioactive waves are passed throughout the body. This rays help to develop pictures. With the help of these pictures the tumor is located and its widespread is restricted by prescribing certain medicines. This therapy helps to drain the lymph nodes and is also used for bone marrow transplant, pterygium, keloid scar growth and palliative treatment.

Nutrition therapy:

In this therapy, the brain cancer symptoms are analyzedand examined and according to it a suitable diet is prescribed. While preparing this diet, patient's psychological history and medical condition is taken into consideration. This therapies for brain cancer also includes prescription of certain health supplements which include vitamin E, glutamine, protein and selenium.

Thus, the above article focuses on all important information regarding Brain cancer cure. It also gives a brief description of the symptoms, causes and diagnosis of Brain cancer.

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