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Brain cancer is a life threatening disease which occurs when the malignant tissues attack the cells of the brain. This results into unwanted growth of cells in the brain. Later, these cells start attacking other parts of body through the bloodstream and so this tumor spreads. Person suffering from brain cancer finds it difficult to balance the body and maintain its equilibrium. This disease generally happens in old age and is mostly seen in people in the age group of 40 to 65 years. A medical study conducted by New York University of Clinical cancer states that more than 200,000 people are diagnosed with this cancer every year. It further states that 5 in every thousand people are able to recover from this cancer successfully. This concludes that the survival rate of brain cancer is very low. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and nutrition therapy are the commonly used treatments on this cancer. Brain cancer prognosis is the course of action taken to cure the disease and the outcome of this disease.

Brain cancer prognosis depends upon the following considerations

  • Location, size and type of cancer

    During prognosis, it is very important to consider the location, size and type of brain cancer as it gives a brief idea about the tumor. It also makes the doctor realize how big the tumor was and how fast has it spread throughout the body.

  • The stage of cancer

    Stage of brain cancer gives the doctor a brief idea about the spread of the malignant cells in the body.

  • How quickly the cells tend to grow and spread

    This helps to understand the time span taken by the tumor to spread throughout the body.

  • Age of the person, his medical condition and kind of treatment he is going through

    It is very important to understand these factors while conducting brain cancer prognosis as it gives a brief idea about the medical history if the patient and the seriousness of the disease.

Brain cancer prognosis can be defined as an opinion of the doctor on the basis of facts that are found out during the diagnosis and treatment of the disease and the ability of the patient to recover from this life threatening disease.

Brain Cancer Prognosis It also helps the family members and relatives of the patient to understand the importance of the disease and plan the finance that will be needed for the treatment purpose. On the other hand, it also helps assist other individuals who are suffering from this disease to get knowledge about the experience, treatment and changes which are necessary for a person going through brain cancer. While discussing prognosis of a patient, various factors that affect the treatment are considered. It also acts as a form of information for researchers and other people suffering from the disease.

While reading prognosis, it is important to keep in mind that brain cancer prognosis is just a prediction about the disease and so the doctor cannot be sure of the results if the same kind of treatment is followed on the other person.

Brain cancer prognosis information of other patient can also prove to be dangerous as the statistical data can frighten and confuse the patient and can reduce his confidence which is extremely important for recovering from this disease.

Brian cancer prognosis tends to change if the tumor reoccurs or if it gets into the advanced stages. It can also change if the patient is able to recover fully from the disease due to successful treatment.

While following prognosis of a certain patient, one should keep in mind that seeking prognosis information is a personal decision and so it is up to them to decide how much information they want to know and follow for recovering from this disease. life expectancy is roughly equal to brain cancer prognosis rate and is different for different stages of the disorder. Thus, the above article helps us to understand all important information regarding brain cancer prognosis. It also highlights the importance of this disease.

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