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Brain cancer occurs when the malignant tissues attack the cells of the brain and develop a tumor. This tumor results into an abnormal cell growth in the brain. If not treated in time, these cells spread to other parts of the body through bloodstream. The person suffering from brain cancer loses his power of understanding as the brain becomes weak and fails to recognize the signals. So the movements of the body get blocked and the person finds it very difficult to maintain the equilibrium of the body. Brain cancer was the major cause of rapid deaths in the early period of nineteenth century worldwide.

A study conducted in United States shows that over 1, 80,000 people are diagnosed of brain cancer every year. prognosis of Brain cancer need not necessarily be universal. It may vary from region to region and is different for different brain cancer stages. Though the causes of this disease are unknown it has become an interesting section of brain cancer research for the scientists worldwide. Brain cancer stages include the early stage where no symptoms are noticed. Brain cancer stages are generally divided into four types depending upon the type of tissue.

Brain cancer tissues are divided into two types:

  • Benign brain cancer tissue
  • Malign brain cancer tissue

Benign brain cancer tissue is a type of tissue that travels from other parts of the body to the brain. So this tumor is considered as a developed one as it attacks the brain in its last stage.

Brain Cancer StagesMalign brain cancer is a type of cancer which originates from the brain. This tumor gets developed in the brain and in its advanced stages it passes to other parts of the body. So the brain fails to recognize the signals and the person loses control over the parts of the body. One can opt for brain cancer surgery if tumors are limited to preliminary stages. Brain cancer stages are categorized into four types. Stage 1 is considered as normal stage of this cancer as the tumor can be treated successfully whereas stage 4 is considered as the most severe stage where cell growth is so rapid that it is out of control. Brain cancer stages are determined with the help of various stages therapies like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. recurrence can be fatal if not treated in time as brain cancer stages progress fast in recurrent phase. Explanation of various stages is mentioned as above:-

Stage 1:

This stage is a normal stage and can be controlled easily as the cell growth is very low. At this stage, the tumor is restricted to the brain and has not spread to other parts of the body. This stage can easily be controlled with the help of surgery where the skull is opened and the tumor is removed. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy is also recommended to detect the spread of the malignant tissues to other parts through bloodstream.

Stage 2:

This stage is considered as the secondary stage of brain cancer. At this stage, the malignant tissues starts spreading to other parts of the body. It is very important to treat this cancer at this stage as it can avoid further complications. At this the cancer is diagnosed and the spread of the tissue is detected. If not treated at this stage the tumor gets developed and can become aggressive. This stage can be treated with the help of chemotherapy and the spread of tumor can be prevented.

Stage 3:

At this stage, the tumor gets matured and tends to be aggressive. The malignant tissues spread rapidly and start affecting other parts of the body. The brain finds it difficult to recognize signals of other parts of the body. At this stage the person starts losing the balance of the body. Constant fever and vomiting is observed as the appetite gets weakened. Even the immune system is low and the body is not able to resist the vial attacks. Radiation therapy is suggested at this stage as the radioactive ways which are transmitted destroys the malignant tissues and can prevent the further damage.

Stage 4:

This is the last stage of brain cancer as the tumor is well developed and tends to damage the body aggressively. The spread of malignant cells is up to that extent that sometimes even the diagnosis report fails to detect the widespread of the tumor. The surgeon has to examine the size, spread and location of the tumor to decide the mode of treatment. Chemotherapy, laser therapy and radiation are the most recommended treatments at this stage as they have the capacity to eradicate the tumor successfully.

Thus, the above article explains the widespread of tumor at different brain cancer stages. It also focuses on the importance of brain cancer.

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