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Brain cancer occurs when malignant tissues attack the cells of the brain and develop a tumor. This tumor tends to spread to other parts of the body via bloodstream. This cancer is mostly observed in older people as their immune system is weak and cannot resist the attack of these malignant tissues. The brain becomes so weak that it is not able to recognize the signals and so the person starts losing balance of the body.

A medical study conducted by American Cancer Council states that more than 200,000 people suffer from this cancer every year. Brain cancer prognosis gives an idea about probable behavior and spread of tumors in future and is displayed in percentage. It is based on timing and quality of brain cancer diagnosis. Brain cancer support includes bodies which help in encouraging and perform various activities for patients suffering from this disease. This cancer is mainly divided into two types:-

Primary brain cancer

This brain cancer travels from other parts of the body to the brain. Brain is the last section of attack for this cancer. There are hardly any chances of survival of patient suffering from this disease.

Secondary brain cancer

This brain cancer occurs in the brain and then spreads to other parts of the body. Brain is the origin of this cancer. There are rare chances of survival of patient suffering from this cancer.

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are the most common treatments of this cancer. However there are side effects of this treatment which include hair loss, weight loss and appetite loss. If treated at early stages there are possibilities of the person recovering from this disease. cancer surgery is basic of all brain cancer treatments and has low numbers of side-effects. A medical study conducted in the United States shows that five in every thousand people have the ability to recover from this disease. Brain cancer support aims at finding support to stay strong if diagnosed with cancer or during the treatment of this disease. Brain cancer support also includes the moral support for patient suffering from the symptoms and diagnosed with brain cancer.

Brain cancer support includes:-

  • Online support

    There are various sites available online where people diagnosed with brain cancer can go and find information. These sites help the people understand that getting diagnosed from brain cancer is not the end of life and help them by providing motivation with the help of discussion forums, blogs and online communities.

  • Health care professionals

    Brain Cancer Support Health care professionals also play an important role in encouraging people who are diagnosed with brain cancer by offering consultations through internet and phone. They also make them understand how to manage the symptoms of this disease like seizures, dizziness, headache etc. and also inform them about the treatment options on this disease. The addresses of these health care professionals can be easily found on internet and some healthcare professionals also provide online consultation on brain cancer.

  • Supportive groups

    Supportive groups provide patients with case history of people who have been diagnosed and gone through the treatment procedure. Experience of this people is shared by such groups. They also include cases of people who are going through the treatment and living as survivors of this disease.

  • One on one talk with the survivor of the disease

    One on one talk with the survivor of this disease can also help you to recover from this disease as he can give you the tips regarding problems that he faced while recovering, how he was treated, his experience while recovering etc. This gives a sense of encouragement to the person diagnosed with this disease.

  • Support for people who acts like volunteers for helping people who are diagnosed with this disease

    There are various workshops conducted which guide the volunteers regarding the support and other brain cancer care giving workshops. The members are generally those who work for public bodies as volunteers in supporting patients suffering from brain cancer.

  • Patient service liners

    These companies help the patient by encouraging them and provide them with all essential information regarding this disease. They also provide moral support to the patients by solving their mental and health issues. These liners are open for consultation 24 hours a day and the patients can consult them at any time. Their basic job is to reply all the emails, answer the queries through the phone and maintain the follow ups.

  • Supporting children who suffer from brain cancer

    Rare cases of children suffering from this disease are observed. However, there are certain sites that provide encouragement to children and their parents while undergoing treatment for this disease. Thus, the main idea of the brain cancer support bodies is to provide mental support and encourage the patients during the treatment procedure. They also help in increasing the confidence of the patients.

    Thus, the above article focuses on all important information on brain cancer support. It also briefly describes the importance of the disease.

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