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Brain cancer is one of the most dangerous types of cancer affecting the people worldwide. This cancer occurs in the skull and tends to damage the nerves and healthy brain tissue. Brain cancer differs according to its symptoms, causes, treatment and diagnosis. As different parts of the brain control different functions of the body, treatment of the tumor depends upon the part that is infected. Brain cancer survival rate has been very low as the causes of this cancer still remain a mystery. If not treated in proper time, it can result into several complications. A medical study conducted by World Cancer Council states that more than 60, 00,000 people are affected by this cancer worldwide. This cancer has been one of the major causes of death in the earlier nineteenth century due to lack of treatment options available. Various scientists worldwide are working on the treatment procedure so that the survival rate of this cancer can be increased.

Survival rate of this cancer depends upon several factors, such as size of the tumor, type of cancer and its severity and the severity of the cancer. Brain cancer survival rate is low, especially for those detected for cancer recurrence. One of the studies conducted by shows that the African and American people have a better survival rate as compared to other countries. The worst survival rate is observed in Asian countries due to lack of treatment options available.

Brain Cancer Survival RateSurvival rates of this cancer are calculated by considering a period of five years. A sampling procedure is followed which includes a group of 100 people in each sample.Brain cancer statistics are based on a large group of people and so they should not be considered at an individual level. While considering brain cancer survival rate, age barrier becomes an important factor as the consequences of this cancer are observed differently according to age factor. So it is categorized according to age groups as the odds decrease with age group.

Medical study conducted by World cancer council in 2005 showed the following brain cancer survival rate:-

Brain Cancer survival rate in percentage

Country Men Woman
United State 7.2 percent 3 percent
Canada 5.4 percent 3.2percent
Norway 6 percent 4.8 percent
United Kingdom 5.5 percent 3.4 percent
Australia 9 percent 4.7 percent
Netherland 10 percent 5.1 percent
Spain 6.3 percent 3 percent
Hong Kong 7.2 percent 4.5 percent
Portugal 8.2 percent 37 percent
Ireland 8.5 percent 3 percent
South Korea 7.4 percent 4.1 percent

The calculation of brain cancer survival rate is done on the basis of the size of the tumor, intensity of the tumor, location of the tumor and the stage of the cancer.

Brain cancer survival rate conducted by shows that one in every five patients is still alive even after he was diagnosed five years before. According to, 73 percent brain cancer survival rate is observed in children under the age group of 10 to 14. 16 percent survival rate is observed in people in the age group of 45 to 65 and 55 percent is observed in people in the age group of 15 to 44. surgery should be done in accordance with medical advice to gain benefit of high brain cancer survival rate. Despite a rapid increase in brain cancer survival rate in last five years chemotherapy, radiation therapy and nutrition therapy are the best therapies recommended for the treatment of brain cancer.


In this treatment, several drugs are prescribed which are supposed to be taken orally. These drugs destroy the malignant cells which grow rapidly in all parts of the body. If it is not controlled by the tablets several vaccinations are suggested. However, chemotherapy has numerous side effects and so it is avoided in the early stages of brain cancer.

Radiation therapy:

In this therapy, radioactive waves are passed through the body. These waves kill the malignant cells and help to destroy the tumor. This therapy of brain cancer is mostly preferred by doctors worldwide due to its low density of side effects.

Nutrition Therapy:

Due to the constant attack of malignant cells, the body becomes very weak. The person is not even able to maintain is body equilibrium. In this therapy the patient is provided with a certain diet plan and some nutritional supplements like beta carotene, vitamin E and Selenium.

Thus the above article guides us through all important information regarding brain cancer survival rate. It also briefly describes the treatment on this disease

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