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Brain cancer is tumorous growth which may or may not be malignant originating in the tissues. This is amongst the most dangerous cancer which is often considered as a life threatening disease. Unlike other cancers even if it is detected at early stage the treatment of this cancer remains a challenge. The malignant growth in the brain tissue spreads quickly to hamper the overall nervous system thereby hampering the normal body function. They can also result in epileptic attacks or severe migraines. Migraines happen when the tumor gets pressed up against the skull.

Brain cancer therapy includes chemotherapy, radioactive therapy and nutrition therapy. The statistical reports state that every year around 200000 people across the world suffer from this life threatening disease and a very little percentage of people adapt to the treatment to show the signs of recovery. However, brain cancer life therapy has a lot to offer to improve the quality of life in people suffering from brain cancer. breakthrough can be of non-medical or medical type and has to be cross-checked thoroughly before applying as a form of or simultaneously with other brain cancer therapies. In some cases, surgery is the only option where tumor is completely removed from the brain. But there are some cancers which actually spread more if they are operated upon. This cancer tends to re occur if any malignant tissues are left behind.

Some of the symptoms of this disease include

  • Constant headache
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Difficulty in maintaining body balance
  • Difficulty in maintaining body equilibrium
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Visionary problems
  • Hearing problems

Brain cancer therapies can be explained as follows:-

  • Chemotherapy

    Chemotherapy is widely used treatment on brain cancer. This treatment includes prescription of certain drugs which destroy the malignant cells and prevent their growth. This treatment is practiced by most of the doctors in the early stages of brain cancer. In advanced stages, higher doses of drugs have to be prescribed. This treatment is generally avoided in the advanced stages as the person starts suffering from numerous side effects like weight loss, appetite loss, hair loss, skin infections, rashes, and redness over skin etc. Over consumption of these drugs can harm your immune system and so the body gets prone to variety of diseases. This therapy also helps to clean the lymph nodes, nerves and veins in the body.

  • Radiation Therapy

    Brain Cancer Therapy This therapy is the most recommended theory used to treat brain cancer. In this therapy, radioactive waves are passed throughout the body. These waves kill the tumor and the malignant cells which have spread throughout the body. This therapy is widely used and highly recommended as it has no side effects in the long run. With the help of these rays, various images are developed which help the doctor to examine whether the tumor has been killed successfully or some tissues are still left behind. This therapy is also used for other treatments like bone marrow transplant, palliative treatment and keloid scar growth.

  • Nutrition Therapy

    This therapy is generally conducted after chemotherapy as the immune system gets weakened. In this therapy a proper nutritious diet is prescribed by the doctor. This diet has to be followed strictly by the patient. While prescribing the diet, it is very important for the doctor to analyze the medical condition and psychological history of the patient. After a certain period of time, the treatment is completely stopped and time is given to the body to recover. This stage is also known as the recovery stage. If the health is not recovered after this stage, then the doctor prescribes certain supplements which include glutamine, vitamin E, proteins and selenium.

    In this way, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and nutrition therapy are the three therapies which are widely used to treat brain cancer. Chemotherapy has numerous side effects and is utilized in advanced stages. Radiation therapy doesn't have any side effects and is widely utilized whereas nutrition therapy is optional and is followed only after chemotherapy. One should always check out average brain cancer life expectancy before undergoing a form of brain cancer therapy.

    Thus, the above articles provide us with all important information regarding brain cancer therapy. It also gives a brief idea about importance of this disease.

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