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These days, the number of women who are getting prone to breast cancer is increasing rapidly. Considering this fact, it becomes essential to increase the breast cancer awareness among the women. As per one study conducted by the American Cancer society (ACS), breast cancer stands at second rank among the American women. This can be considered as a deadliest form of cancer at the last stage, since at this level it may get spread into other body parts causing them damages. Much of its threat springs from out of date and confusing information.

In the United States, about 2.5 million breast cancer survivors are present currently. This number shows that the death rate due to the breast cancer has been declining over 20 years. Research of breast cancer and advancement plays an important role in this declination, but the experts consider that this is a result of early treatment and medication in initial stages. Awareness about the symptoms and the detection through screening helps to prevent the increase in the cancerous cells.

Importance of breast cancer awareness:

Breast Cancer Awareness Creating breast cancer awareness among the women and society is one of the most significant courses of action that can be performed on a collective level to fight against breast cancer. Awareness about the symptoms, causes and risk factors can help in saving the lives of breast cancer patients. If people are made aware about the prevention methods, a drastic decline can be seen in the percentage of breast cancer patients. If people are made aware about the symptoms, they can get it confirmed from doctor if they find themselves undergoing such signs. Breast cancer cured if treated in early stages.

Causes of breast cancer:

The main cause of breast cancer (palpable mass) is the fibrocystic change in the breast. These symptoms of fibrocystic breast changes can be seen in about 10% of women, who are in the age group of 21 years. This number increase to about 25% among the women in their menstrual stage and then increases up to 30 to 50% among the women who are at the stage of pre-menopausal years. Women undergoing breast cancer experiences tenderness and pain in one or both the breasts, this may vary during different menstrual periods.

What is breast cancer awareness?

Breast cancer awareness refers to the awareness related to the:

  • The significance of the detection in early stages.
  • The fact that if breast cancer is detected in early stage, it can be cured as soon as it is diagnosed. Certain therapies and medications are used to treat and cure it completely.

There are many organizations that are specially established to create breast cancer awareness among the people. These campaigns are mean to educate the people about the significance of breast self-examination on regular basis. In addition to this, undergoing the clinical breast examination and annual mammogram after the age of 40 is essential. In case if you have a family history with breast cancer, it is recommended to undergo a clinical breast examination once in every three years if you are in the age group of 20 and 40 years.

Month of Breast cancer awareness:

October is officially considered as the international breast cancer awareness month. Though this month is designated as a month of awareness, still people should get aware about it throughout the year. Over twenty years, several non- profit associations such as the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and the American Cancer Society have been completely dedicated to spreading the awareness of breast cancer, and educating women about the significance of early detection, diagnosis and treatment. These campaigns are run all over the world.

During breast cancer awareness month certain public events like Race for the Cure, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walkathon, Avon 3 Day and Relay for Life" are performed in order to generate a breast cancer awareness among the people. These events are also helpful to raise funds for the needy patients who are undergoing breast cancer.

What is the symbol of breast cancer awareness?

For breast cancer awareness, pink ribbon is used as a symbol. These days breast cancer awareness program has obtained so much of impetus that it has become successful to attract the volunteers and general public, along with the politicians, celebrities as well as big companies who are ready to contribute for the funds and sponsor the programs. Breast Cancer Awareness is essential for reducing the rate of patients undergoing breast cancer. It is a vital step to make the people educated about breast cancer causes.

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