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Many scientists have researched for major breast cancer breakthrough in order to cure majority of the patients and thus reduce the rate of mortality due to breast cancer. Several lives can be saved by the pioneering discoveries to stop the growth and spread of the cancer tumors.

How to stop the spread of cancerous cells thought the body?

Instead of finding techniques to stop the formation of cancer tumors, some researches found a key molecule that can manipulate the spread cancer cells throughout the body. This can help to save about 90 percent of the cancer victims. The scientists discovered techniques to switch off these vital molecules (microRNAs) that stimulate the unhindered spread and growth of malignant cells in another parts of the body. Discovery of a drug to restrict this process is in progress. Yet, there is no such drug available to stop this process, but it can be developed within a couple of years.

Discovery of such drug will not only help to understand the nature of the cancer cells but can also help to comprehend the process of their multiplication. In most with breast cancer, oestrogen-receptor positive is found to be the major reason for cancer growth. In order to control this type of growth, MicroRNAs is considered to be a vital key.

Lysyl oxidase and breast cancer:

Breast Cancer Breakthrough Breast cancer breakthrough is leading towards some innovative treatments that are meant to stop the growth of this fatal disease in earlier stages and thus saving lives of thousands of patients. As per the study of some experts, there is an enzyme in the body which directly contributes in the growth of cancer tumors. The major cause of death among the patients with breast cancer is the spread of cancer cells in other body organs such as liver, lungs, bones etc. Considering this cause, many researchers aim to disclose how to block the action of LOXL2 or lysyl oxidase-like 2.

Another research discovered that more aggressive form of breast cancer was linked with the elevated levels of LOXL2. This means that, a test needs to be performed in order to measure the levels of the enzymes in the patients. Some curative measures can be taken to reduce the impact of these aggressive cancers. About 47,000 new cases are diagnosed per year and almost 12, 000 women get prone to death. Recent studies have revealed that about one in 10 women develop breast cancer over her lifespan.

The research team reveals that the enzymes stimulate the breast cancer spread through the way it manages two proteins MMP9 and TIMP1. Previous researches shown that, these two proteins are essential in enabling the spread of the tumors. These enzymes also contribute for the development of other types of cancers which includes esophageal and colon cancer. Studies also shown that restraining the action of LOXL2 can essentially lower down the spread of breast cancer. Use of drugs that can block this enzyme can be effective in preventing the spread of this disease in other organs.

Use of miniscule gene transport system:

In order to kill the cancerous cells one research exploited miniscule gene transport system. This system was used to deliver poison straight into the cancerous cells. The breast cancer research was done with a hope that this technique will help to overcome the impacts of some harsh treatment like radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

A Designer Biomimetic Vector (DBV), was used to wrap a gene into a nano particle, which was around 400 times minute than the width of human hair. This particle was then allowed to move directly into the cells of breast cancer available in the laboratory. This indicates that the gene delivered through DBV targets the cancer cells and forces the other cells to produce poisonous nitric oxide. This process would either completely destroy the cells or make them more susceptible to being destroyed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Since this approach does not harm the normal healthy cells in the breast, this can be used to alleviate the toxic impacts caused due to current therapies. All the above types of breast cancer breakthrough are helpful to reduce the rate of mortality due to breast cancer, but which one will better work on you can be suggested only by your doctor.

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