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Breast cancer is caused due to the development of abnormal lumps and tumors in the breast. In advanced stages, these cells may start spreading and developing in other body structures. This cancer begins in the ductal carcinoma (milk ducts). Since this cancer spreads in different body parts, it is fatal. This cancer occurs in both men and women. In order to manage the outcome of this fatal disease, breast cancer care is the best solution.

Public support for breast cancer awareness and research endowment has helped enhance the analysis, prognosis and treatment of this cancer. Survival rate in breast cancer has increased and along with that the number of deaths has been declined. This all can happen due to a number of factors such as earlier detection, better understanding of the diseases and new treatments.

Causes of breast cancer:

Breast cancer is one of the prevalent types of cancer among the women. There are certain factors which contribute in the development of breast cancer. Your possibilities of breast cancer enhances if:

  • Your mother, daughter or sister have has undergone breast cancer.
  • You are in the age group of 40 or more
  • Your menstrual periods starts before the age of 12
  • You follow menopause after the age of 55
  • Have no children
  • Conceived after the age of 30
  • Have undergone breast cancer earlier
  • Had performed breast biopsy previously
  • Had a biopsy which diagnosed presence of cancerous cells.

Steps regarding breast cancer care:

Breast Cancer Care Living healthy plays an important role in the prevention of breast cancer. But it doesn't mean that you will not get affected by it if you do all the things in the right manner. That's why early detection is essential. If cancer is diagnosed and treated early, chances of healing increases.

Tips for early breast cancer detection:

  • Perform regular checkups along with mammograms if necessary: For women in the age group of 30 to 40, mammograms should be performed every one to two years.

  • Undergo monthly breast self examinations: Start regular check up of your breast from the age of 20. Consult your doctor incase if you find any of the symptoms of cancer. A monthly self examination of breast is the finest defense to fight against breast cancer.

How to prevent breast cancer?

  • Avoid smoking: When it's about cancer, tobacco becomes the major reason for its development. According to the American Cancer Society, smoking is the major cause for at least one third of the deaths caused due to cancer.

  • Adopt healthy habits: Avoid consumption of alcohol. Try to stick to the weight suggested by your doctor. Eat foods with low fats. Consume a lot of green vegetables and fresh fruits. Workout regularly.

  • Breastfeed: If you decide to conceive and have a baby, breast feeding can help you to lower down the risk of getting breast cancer.

Symptoms of breast cancer that you can detect at home:

It's easy to detect the breast cancer at home. Make sure to understand the risk factors and signs of breast cancer. If you are undergoing breast cancer you can find:

  • A lump or chunk of tissues on your breast. This will create a thickening near your breast
  • Discharging nipples (unusual fluid which is reddish, yellows or greenish)
  • Change in your breast size and shape
  • Color and texture of your breast changes and the surrounding area changes.
While consulting your doctor make sure that you discuss all the symptoms and often get mammograms. If breast cancer is diagnosed during checkup, your doctor will likely suggest a combination of treatments based on the stage, type of the cancer as well as your preferences. Breast cancer care involves different treatments such as radiation therapy, hormone therapy, surgery, chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

There are many organizations which are established and are concerned about breast cancer care. You can search for many directives and legal documents that are meant to guide people about breast cancer care.

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