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Irrepressible growth of abnormal cells in the breast can give rise to breast cancer. According to the Centers Disease Control and Prevention, breast cancer is one of the leading fatal cancers among women. This disease is less frequently seen in men as well. There are certain early signs which one needs to understand in order to cure the breast cancer in early stages.

In normal case, the old and damaged cells stop dividing and they die. These cells are further replaced by new healthy cells. When the old or damaged cells, starts dividing and multiplying uncontrollably, chances of breast cancer increases. This uncontrollable growth results into the development of tumors (malignant mass of tissue) in the breast. If people are enough knowledgeable to understand the breast cancer early symptoms, the rate of mortality due to breast cancer can be reduced.


If breast cancer is left untreated or is diagnosed in advanced stages, it becomes difficult to stop the cancerous cells to multiply and spread over the other body organs. The process, in which the cancer cells spread to the other body organs, is called as metastasis. As breast cancer develops in other body organs such as liver and lungs, it interferes the essential functioning of that organ. Metastasis is the advanced stage of breast cancer which creates fatal and life-threatening complications if left untreated.

How self examination helps to detect breast cancer early signs?

Seeking regular clinical and self examination is the best option to grasp the early signs of breast cancer. On should be able to understand how to detect the symptoms at home. Preferring regular medical care helps to discover the breast cancer in early stages, if detected in early sages it can be cured easily. If breast cancer is diagnosed by your doctor, you need to follow the treatment scheduled by them to reduce the serious risks and complications.

In case if you discover any of the symptoms of breast cancer revolving around you, consult your doctor immediately for diagnosis, since early treatment helps the patient to survive.

Early signs of breast cancer:

Breast Cancer Early Signs The most common sign that indicates the presence of breast cancer is development of lump under the arm. An aggressive form of breast cancer (inflammatory breast cancer), develops in the nests or sheets of tumor cells that plague the skin and can resemble hives. Performing breast self exam (BSE) on regular basis i.e. on monthly basis is an ideal method to be familiar with the size, shape, texture , skin condition and cyclical changes of your breast.

It is a fact that early detection of breast cancer is the best way to prevent the advanced stage of cancer; this also helps to secure your health and boost your chances of survival. Don't hesitate to consult your doctor in case if any queries regarding breast self exam as well as clinical breast exam. Discuss the changes you discover while self examination.

Visible breast cancer early signs:

  • Development of lump (swelling , thickening) in the breast
  • Development of lumps in the lymph nodes present under the arms
  • Painful nipple/ nipples
  • Clear, bloody, yellowish or greenish discharge from the nipple
  • Continuous tenderness in the breast tissues
  • Changed skin texture of breast (scaly, puckered, pitted)
  • Retracted or inverted nipple
  • Unusual breast pain which creates discomfort

Signs that can be seen imaging of the breast:

  • Dense and thick lumps with speculated (spiky) margin
  • Presence of microcalcifications in the form of tight clusters
In case, if these early symptoms are not diagnosed they may develop further fatal signs such as development of skin ulcers, bone pain, weight loss, discomfort due to breast pain or swelling of the arm which is near to the breast with cancer. Sometimes, in early stages of breast cancer may not show any symptoms. Your breast may develop very small lump that may be difficult to identify and feel. In this case, clinical tests are the ideal option where the doctors can easily detect the abnormal site on a mammogram.

Understand the breast cancer early signs to get it detected in the initial stages and thus stop it from getting more fatal.

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