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Breast cancer prevention is a helpful step to lower down the possibilities of getting cancer. By undergoing prevention, one can avoid the new cases of cancer, which hopefully helps to lower the death rate due to cancer. In order to prevent the development of new type of cancer, many scientists consider the risk factors as well as the protective factors. Anything that raises your chances of developing cancer is termed as risk factors, while anything that reduces your possibility of developing cancer are termed as cancer protective factors.

Breast Cancer prevention helps to avoid certain risk factors that are avoidable. For instance, consider both inheriting genes and smoking are risk factors for breast cancer, but smoking can only be avoided. Regular health checks up, exercise and healthy diet can be considered as protective factors for cancer. There are certain aspects that will works as breast cancer prevention. This includes avoiding use of things causing cancer, self detecting the precancerous signs in order to get treated in early stages and changing your eating habits along with your lifestyle.

10 tips to prevent of breast cancer:

  1. Reduce your exposure to xenoestrogens and pharmacologic estrogens: Avoid use of estrogens unless recommend by your doctor. Long-term exposure to estragon contributes in the development of breast cancer. Avoiding estrogens that are found in some environmental pollutants like industrial chemical and pesticides is also significant. Reduce the use of residual hormones that are available in the non- organic dairy products, poultry and meat.
  2. Breast Cancer PreventionReduce or avoid intake of alcohol: This can be the most essential step of breast cancer prevention for the people undergoing this disease. People who consume alcohol on large scale are at high risk of getting prone to breast cancer.
  3. Regular exercise can help you prevent breast cancer: Many studies revealed that regular exercise is the best solution to reduce the possibilities of breast cancer. Set a target to perform aerobic activities (brisk walking) for more than or around 30 minutes for five days or more. Duration and consistency of your work out are helpful.
  4. Keep your mental outlook positive and optimistic: Engage yourself in self nurturing behaviour on regular basis. Develop mutually beneficial and warm relationships with your friends and family. Perform meditation and get sufficient sleep of about 7 to 8 hours a night. The link between mind and body are associated with the breast cancer.
  5. Consume lot of green vegetable and fresh fruits daily: Intake of seven more servings on daily basis is recommended to be healthy. There are certain foods such as cruciferous vegetables (brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage) that helps to protect from breast cancer. Dark leafy green vegetables like kale, spinach, collards are also helpful. Carrots m tomatoes, cherries, berries, citrus are some of the superstars of breast cancer prevention. It is recommended to eat all these vegetable and fruits in raw or slightly cooked form.
  6. You can prefer daily intake of supplements: Some supplements such as 200-400 IUs of vitamin E, 500-1,000 mg of vitamin C as mixed tocopherols. Pharmaceutical grade fish oil is also one of the helpful supplements. You can also eat one or two nuts Brazil nuts or take 200mcg of the mineral selenium. In case if you are undergoing any chronic condition consult your doctor.
  7. Proportionate intake of carbs: Intake of high glycemic foods such as white potatoes, white rice, white flour and products containing them, should be minimum. These foods contribute to the stimulation of the cancerous cells in breast. You can replace these harmful carbs with beans, whole grains and legumes since they have high amount of lignan and fibre.
  8. Intake of whole food soy products: Consume products which contain whole food soy such as tempeh, roasted soy nuts, tofu miso, edamame. Consume only non-GMO (genetically modified), organic soy. Epidemiologic studies have revealed that soy consumption reduces the risk of breast cancer risk.
  9. Proportionate intake of fats: Your risk of breast cancer may depend on your intake of fats. Reduce the intake of omega-6 fats (safflower, sunflower, cottonseed oils and corn), trams fats saturated fats. Increase the consumption of omega-3 fats such as tuna, sardines, salmon, herring and lake trout. Eat lot of monounsaturated oils especially, olive oil, avocado, canola, nuts and seeds.
  10. Stay healthy and keep your BMI less than 25 throughout the life: Sudden weight increase in midlife is allied with the increase in the risk of breast cancer. An increased BMI has been conclusively shown the elevated risk of post-menopausal breast cancer. Adopting these changes in your diet and lifestyle can help you in breast cancer prevention at great extent.

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