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Different type of breast cancer therapy is available for the patients who are undergoing breast cancer at various stages. Some therapies are considered to be of standard form (that are used currently), while some are being tested in clinical trials. A clinical trial is a breast cancer research study which is performed to make some advancement in the current treatment or collect information about the new treatments for patients undergoing cancer. If the clinical trails give best results, they are considered as standard treatments. Some clinical trials are meant for the patients who have not initiated with their cancer treatment.

Six major types of Breast Cancer therapy:

Breakthrough for breast cancer can be both medical and non-medical and plays a significant part in finding new avenues for breast cancer treatment. There are six major types of breast cancer therapy, used to treat breast cancer.

  • Surgery
  • Radiation therapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Targeted therapy
  • Sentinel lymph node biopsy with surgery

  1. Surgery:

    Most patients prefer to undergo surgery for removing the cancerous tissues and cells from the breast. Some of the lymph nodes in the armpit are removed for detecting the presence of cancer cells by using the microscope. Breast conserving surgery: In this type of surgery, only the cancer is removed from the breast but not the breast itself. It can be performed in the following forms:

    • Lumpectomy: Tumor and a small amount of surrounding normal tissue are removed.

    • Partial mastectomy: Surgery to remove the cancer cells along with some normal tissues surrounding the margin. The margin around the chest muscles is also removed in this type of surgery. This can also be termed as segmental mastectomy. Other type of breast cancer surgery:

    • Radical mastectomy: In this surgery, the chest wall muscles, breast with cancer and all the lymph nodes in the arm pit are removed.

    • Total mastectomy: In this surgery, whole breast with cancer is removed along with some lymph nodes under the arms.

    • Modified radical mastectomy : In this type of surgery, whole breast is removed along with some muscles of chest walls, its lining and may of the tumors underlying the arm.

  2. Radiation therapy:

    Breast Cancer Therapy Radiation therapy is used to treat the breast cancer by using X rays of high definition. These radiations help to destroy the growth of the cancer cells in the breast. This treatment can be provided in two types:

    Internal radiation: This uses a radioactive substance sealed in catheters, seeds, wires and needles that are placed directly at the place of cancer.

    External radiation: A machine is used to send the radiation for destroying the cancer cells.

  3. Hormone therapy:

    This therapy is used to block the growth of the hormones responsible for the development of cancer cells. Hormones like estrogen and progesterone are responsible for the growth of cancerous cells in the breast. Excess production of these hormones is blocked with the help of surgery, drugs or radiation therapy.

  4. Chemotherapy:

    This therapy used drugs to reduce or stop the growth of cancerous cells. This can be done either by stopping them to multiplying or killing them. The method of chemotherapy will depend on the stage of cancer.

  5. Targeted therapy:

    In this type of therapy some useful drugs as well as substances are used to determine and target the cancerous cells. This treatment is performed without harming the surrounding normal cells. Tyrosine kinase inhibitor and monoclonal antibodies are two forms of this therapy that are used to destroy the cancerous cells and thus treat the breast cancer.

  6. Sentinel lymph node biopsy with surgery:

    This biopsy refers to the removal of the sentinel lymph node while undergoing surgery. Initially, the lymphatic drainage from a tumor occurs in the sentinel lymph node. This is the initial location from where the cancer spreads and moves towards other body organs.

New Clinical trials:

New clinical advancement keeps on trial adding. These are new clinical treatments and agents that are used to destroy the cancer cells and treat the patients with breast cancer. Clinical methods are adopted to examine the new and promising agents in the cancer treatment. Clinical testing may prove as a cutting edge in cancer treatments, but by definition they are still unproven treatments that may or may not be as superior as the current therapies. If you want to prefer any of the available testing, you can consult your doctor about opting for the one that will best fit your situation.

Some of the clinical trials therapies include:

Type of breast cancer therapy may vary for person to person, since it is selected as per the preference of the patient.

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