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There are certain factors, (such as the stage of your breast cancer, its type and whether the cancerous cells are sensitive to your health, your own preferences as well as your hormones) on the basis of which, your doctor decides the suitable breast cancer treatment for you. Most women prefer to undergo surgery for reducing the fatality of breast cancer and some prefer to undergo additional treatments like hormone therapy, chemotherapy or radiation.

These days you will find several options instead of one or two, for breast cancer treatment, but consult your doctor to know which one will best work as per your physical condition. You can also present your preference or can consult other woman who has undergone any breast cancer treatment. Your options such as radiation, surgery, chemotherapy or hormonal (anti-estrogen) therapy can be quite overwhelming for you.

What is the purpose of breast cancer diagnosis?

Breast cancer diagnosis is performed in order to get the confirmation that you are undergoing breast cancer. This also allows the doctors to identify the stage of cancer. After diagnosis, your doctor will discuss the available options of treatments with you. You can suggest your preference as per your situation and the pathology report. Your doctor may prefer one or more specific treatments in order to target your cancer cells in various manners. These treatments are also mean to reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence in the future. Your treatment can be performed by considering your unique situation, which includes the overall medical situation and your personal opinion to undergo the specific treatment. You may have to re-estimate your decisions after certain duration. Your doctor and other medical professional will guide you to take the right decisions for your breast cancer treatment.

What will be the sequence of your breast cancer treatment?

Your breast cancer treatment is performed as per following steps:

Plan your treatment:

Breast Cancer Treatment Firstly, understand what type of treatments is available for you, what will be their sequence, how they can differ as per the cancer stage and opt for a suitable treatment that will be fit for your schedule.

Obtain a second opinion: In order to know the allied risks as well as the pattern of treatment, make sure to get a second option with your doctor or a woman who has already undergone this surgery.

Your doctor or surgeon will recommend a typical and particular sequence of treatment pathway:

  • Surgery:

    Generally surgery is the initial option for most of the women. It is a operation where the doctors cut the cancer tissues and remove it from the site. For many women, surgery to remove breast cancer and surgery for reconstructing the breast is performed during the same operation. Breast cancer surgery involves mastectomy, lumpectomy (conserving surgery), lymph node dissection, breast reconstruction and prophylactic surgery as well.

  • Chemotherapy:

    Chemotherapy is the second option for breast cancer treatment. It is performed in different types and combinations. In this treatment special drugs or medicines are use to shrink or destroy the cancer cells. The drugs can be provided in the form of pills. Some medicines are provided through an intravenous (IV) tube. Sometimes combination of both is used.

  • Radiation therapy:

    This is given third preference and is usually followed by surgery and chemotherapy. In this therapy, high energy rays like X-rays are used to kill the cancer cells in the breast. These rays are targeted on the particular area where the cancerous cells are present.

  • Hormonal therapy:

    Some cancers develop due to the growth of certain hormones in the body. This therapy includes the link between breast cancer and hormones. In hormonal therapy the cancer cells are blocked, so that they should not get the hormones to stimulate the growth of the cancer cells.

    Different types of drugs such as SERMs, ERDs and aromatase inhibitors affect the link. This therapy of breast cancer is generally opted after the application of other treatments, if the cancer is optimistic as per the hormone - receptor. This therapy uses an aromatase or tamoxifen inhibitor.

  • Biological therapy:

    This treatment is used to increase the immune system of the body to fight with the cancer cells or to reduce and manage the impacts of the followed cancer treatments. Side effects refer to the condition in which your body reacts to the other treatments as well as drugs. This therapy is quite different from the chemotherapy, which directly targets the cancer cells.

Holistic and harmonizing medicine:

The complementary medicinal techniques such as yoga, meditation and acupuncture are helpful as an additional medical treatment along with the regular therapies.

Use of drugs and treatments for risk reduction:

It is course of certain drugs and medicines used to reduce the side effects of the breast cancer.

Pain relieving treatments: Some medications are provided which are helpful to reduce the pain cause due to surgery or other treatments.

There may be some variation in the sequence or timing of the treatments, but generally these options are used for breast cancer treatment at large extent.

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