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Lung cancer is the top most leading disease among women and breast cancer is at second position. Previously, breast cancer affects the women in the age group of 40 to 50, but now even the younger women are getting prone to this disease. Breast cancer is a fatal disease which can be considered as a major cause of cancer deaths in women. But, despite of these statistics, many experts have stated that new researches will soon help for innovative breast cancer cure strategies.

Although, there is no magic bullet in existence till now, still several women undergoing breast cancer have been cured. Those women who are not cured yet are at stage 4 breast cancer (advanced stage). At this stage, the cancerous cells get spread in other body organs as well. Women who undergo breast cancer diagnosis in early stages can be cured and survived. In order to cure your cancer more easily, one needs to keep on examining the symptoms and early signs of breast cancer on regular basis. This can be done on clinical as well as personal level. Due to the advancement in the technology and researches a number of breast cancer cure treatments came into existence, which has ultimately reduced the death rate due to breast cancer. A large number of breast cancer detection and therapies strategies contribute to the reduction in breast cancer patients.

Breast Cancer Cure Strategies:

A number of strategies are developed to treat breast cancer, some are biological and some are clinical.

Clinical treatments for breast cancer cure:

Range of breast cancer cure treatments is being developed to increase the survival rate of the patients. Some of the treatments include:

    Breast Cancer Cure
  • Strong chemotherapy along with stem cell transplant: Stem cells: Here stem cells refer to the cells undeveloped that can refill the developed cells throughout the body. The bone marrow cells that get destroyed due to the high dose of chemotherapy treatment are replenished by the stem cells. The stem cells can be collected either from the patient or the donor before chemotherapy. More aggressive chemotherapy is also available for treating such situation, but it has a number of side effects allied with it.
  • Sentinel lymph node biopsy: In this type of treatment, radioactive substance or dyes are used to locate the lymph nodes where the possibility of their spread is greater. Some part of the lymph node is removed and observed under the microscope. If cancer cells are not found, surgeons will not take out more lymph nodes from the patient. If cancerous cells are found then it will be treated further.
  • Intra-operative radiation: Generally, radiation therapy is used after doing the surgery of breast cancer, in order to remove the entire breast cancer cells. Intra-operative radiation is a combination of both the treatments.

Biological or targeted therapies:

Use of targeted or biologic therapies is one of the recent strategies of breast cancer cure. The major benefit of breast cancer therapy is that they are specially designed to target the cancerous cells and thus result is less harm to the normal cells. Adopting this treatment reduces the risk of damage of normal cells surrounding the breast cancer cells. There are some unique genes and proteins that stimulate the growth of the breast cancer cells; this therapy helps to target those genes.

Targeted therapies:

  • Lapatinib (Tykerb): This drug obstructs with HER2 protein signals, thereby restricting the speed of growth of breast cancer cells. This drug is used along with chemotherapy.

  • Trastuzumab (Herceptin):This drug is used to target the cancer cells that get stimulated due to HER2 (human epidermal growth factor receptor2). This drug blocks the growth of the cancer cells. Almost one fourth part of breast cancer patients have lumps that can be cured by the combination of Trastuzumab with chemotherapy.

  • Bevacizumab (Avastin): This drug helps to create interference in the cancer's blood supply and this stops the growth of cancerous cells. It blocks the blood vessels which promotes the growth of cancerous cells.

These days a number of researches have been performed in regards to the breast cancer cure treatment. Adopting these treatments ultimately helps to reduce the rate of breast cancer patients.

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