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These days a number of organizations became aware about the fatal causes of breast cancer and in this regards they conduct awareness programs to educate the people about how to detect breast cancer. Some organizations are specially dealing with some new breast cancer research to overcome the mortality rate and increase the breast cancer survival rates.

Although, there is a vast development in the breast cancer treatment, still around 40% of people are diagnosed to relapse and die due to this disease. It not only affects the patient, but the whole family gets influenced due to this fatal disease. By considering this fact, several organizations are set up to conduct innovative breast cancer research and thus reduce the rate of mortality.

Aim of breast cancer research:

Many organizations which performs in regards to the breast cancer, raises funds to prop up the development of a breast cancer research. Most therapies and treatments target the cancer cells, but a breast cancer vaccine may switch the way you react to the cancer. Since the cancer cells develop from the own body tissues, your immune system needs to be strong enough resist it. A new breast cancer research is using a vaccine which will help to re-program your immune system in order to get able to differentiate the cancer cells as a foreign body and destruct them instantly.

Vaccine to destroy the breast cancer cells:

Typically, a vaccine is meant to prevent the breast cancer. This cancer research team uses vaccines to treat and destroy cancer cells. Here they combine the vaccines with other drugs in order to get the best immune effect and direct effect of the treatment simultaneously. The research helps to decode the vital observations from the laboratory to the concerned patient. This research basically targets the Stage IV breast cancer, which is considered as understudied and incurable.

New Breast Cancer Researches:

Some new breast cancer researchers are being performed in order to understand the complete disposition of breast cancer and treat them as per their nature. There are some steps which are involved in the research of breast cancer:

Classifying the type of breast cancer:

Research on different prototypes of genes helps to discover some innovative methods to categorize the breast cancer. The existing types of breast cancer rely greatly on the appearance of the tumors under the microscope. A newer technique, which performs as per the molecular features, can predict the outlook in better way and thus can respond the successfully treatment of breast cancer.

Pioneering lab tests:

Some new lab tests are carried out to treat breast cancer without any side effects.

Tumors cells and blood:

Breast Cancer Research Some breast cancer researches have discovered that the cancer cells break out from the tumors and combines with blood in many women with breast cancer. These tumor cells can be seen under the microscope with the receptive lab tests. These tests are still in progress and cannot be used for general purpose, but in future they can help to learn the working of the treatment like chemotherapy or for finding a recurring cancer.

Study about the genes:

One of the issues of concern while treating breast cancer in early stages is that, the doctors finds it difficult to predict which women is at greater risk of getting back the cancer after treatment. Considering this fact, most of the women are provided with some sort of adjuvant treatment post surge. In order to make a decision about who obliges adjuvant therapy, new breast cancer research is preformed.

In recent days, scientists are researching to find out the link between certain forms of genes and more aggressive cancers that tend to recur and spread in different body organs. Some tests based on these results are already available in the lab, but the researches are still trying to get the best methods to be utilized.

Imaging tests:

Some pioneering imaging techniques are being researched to see how they can be employed to observe the cancerous changes in the breast area.

So, with an aim to elevate the breast cancer survival rate, a number of breast cancer researches are been conducted. Breast cancer statistics help to understand various aspects of breast cancer in a systematic way and is of high benefit in carrying breast cancer research.

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