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Breast cancer ranks second in the list of fatal diseases in women throughout the world. Many women are getting prone to this disease due to certain reasons. In order to prevent the cause of this disease, a number of organizations have stepped forward. These organizations make the people aware about the causes and symptoms of breast cancer that are preventive. They work as a breast cancer support organizations.

Purpose of breast cancer supporting organizations:

Most of the breast cancer support organizations are incorporated with charitable status and has a written constitution too. Their ideas and purposes are set as per the constitution. Below are some of the purposes of these organizations:

  • These organizations support the women who are or were diagnosed with breast cancer to meet in a group for creating mutual co-ordination.
  • Helps to provide opportunities to the women detected with breast cancer and those who support them, to consult the patient who has undergone this disease and had a positive result.
  • Provides access to the available information regarding the health and support services associate with breast cancer.
  • Collects information from the people who has experienced and recovered from this fatal disease.
  • Generates network and work in collaboration with other organizations that are concerned with the issues related to the breast cancer.
  • These organizations are always ready to give solutions to the people diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • These organizations emphases on helping the women to cope with the current situation and get a positive outlook towards the future.
  • Co ordinates with the people undergoing breast cancer as well as the other organizations such as community support groups and health support services.

Breast cancer supportive services:

These supportive groups welcome anyone who is diagnosed with breast cancer or has recovered from this disease. This could involve recently diagnosed patients as well as women with secondary breast cancer. Attendance in these organizations is free of cost. Some aspects related to the breast cancer supportive groups:

Provides certain right to the participants:

After becoming a part of breast cancer supportive organizations women will receive some rights:

  • A right to be as free as a normal individual (without breast cancer)
  • A right to get respect in society
  • A right to be confident in and out of the association
  • A right to be heard, agree and disagree


These associations organize meeting on an annual basis to facilitate the participants. These are meant to address the patients with psychological, physical and emotional impact of breast cancer. The coordinators provide helpful information regarding the accessible free support services or recommend the patients to consult their doctors and professional health care providers. These meetings are held to exchange the views and experiences of the patients who have undergone breast cancer.

These meetings often involve a guest speaker who addresses the patients of breast cancer.

One to one discussion:

This involves one to one discussion about the positive personal experience. Professionals guide the patients of breast cancer. These professionals discuss the breast cancer prevention methods as well as the available options of treatment with the patients. These organizations provide support directly by face to face or via telephone. These meetings are not able to provide the exact medicine or drug to treat the cancer but can refer a professional who can treat your problems.

These services provide individual consultation as well. These associations organize fundraising events and the funds received through these events are utilized for assisting the patients with breast cancer. Researches made by the professionals are published on internet as well as books. All these efforts are taken to guide the people and make them aware about the breast cancer cause, symptoms, preventive techniques as well as the treatments.

Organizations established in regards to the breast cancer support are proved as a boon for the women diagnosed with breast cancer. This is the helpful media to make the people aware about this fatal disease as well as give a sigh of relief to the people who are already experiencing it.

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