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Breast Cancer survival rate refers to the percent of individuals who have survived after specified time limit. For instance, if the five year survival rate for breast cancer in particular state is 40%, this indicates that 40 out of 100 people detected with breast cancer would be alive after five years. Survival rate does not signify if a treatment for cancer is completed or if a cancer is cured.

Remember that survival rates are calculated on the basis of statistics produced by considering the overall population as a whole. The prognosis of breast cancer may vary as per certain factors such as the availability of new treatments, presence of hormones receptors, stage of cancer and your general health. The term survival rate is often used by the doctors as a standard technique to discuss an individual's prognosis.

Facts allied with breast cancer survival rate:

Survival rate of breast cancer can be described by several methods. The terms implied usually focus on:

  1. Time period of survival of the patient after the diagnosis of breast cancer (generally survival rate is considered for five to ten years).
  2. The risk of recurrence of breast cancer ( getting back after some years) or
  3. Patient's risk of death compared to the other breast cancer patients

Most researches compare risk of death among the survivors of breast cancer who differ in their lifestyle practices and diet, so the term risk of death is used when needed. Breast cancer survival rate is quite high in initial stages but lowers considerably in advanced ones. Breakthroughs of breast cancer splay a vital role in increasing life expectancy of victims.

When the effect of women's lifestyle and diet on breast cancer survival can be examined?

Studies referred to the survival from breast cancer have considered the diet as well as the lifestyle of the women before and after diagnosis. The examination of lifestyle and diet of a breast cancer patient before diagnosis is helpful to grab the information about the biological formation of cancer and the possibilities of the outcome of the treatment. In case if the diet and lifestyle plays some role in the formation of cancer, this examination can help to change the diet and lifestyle of the woman undergoing breast cancer.

Survival rate of women undergoing breast cancer:

The existing five year survival rate for women undergoing breast cancer is around 80 percent, while the ten year survival rate is around 70 percent. These survival rates involve women at all levels of severity as well as stages of breast cancer. Women who have not reached in the advanced stage of breast cancer (cancer cells are not moved in other body organs) have around 90 percent of five year survival rate. This is the case if the tumor is not spread in areas other than lymph nodes. Women who are undergoing advanced stage of breast cancer (tumors are spread in other body organs) have around 20 percent of five year survival rate.

Risk factors of breast cancer and survival rates:

Different biological factors are involved in the development of cancer and survival from breast cancer. Several risk factors that are allied with the breast cancer have not been involved with breast cancer survival, but there are certain exceptions. Usually the age when a woman starts with her regular menstrual cycle (age at menarche) is a nominal risk factor for the cause of breast cancer, but it has not related with the survival rate of breast cancer. Another risk factor for development of breast cancer is the age when the menstrual periods of a woman stops permanently (menopause), is also not associated with the breast cancer survival rate. Having a child reduces the threat of breast cancer, but there are no proofs to confirm that it can reduce the possibilities of fatal breast cancer. However, the age of the woman at her first delivery may influence the possibilities of survival from breast cancer distinctly from her risk of getting the cancer. Having first child during the twenties may lead to a considerable decrease in the risk of developing breast cancer.

In order to understand the factors allied with breast cancer, considering breast cancer survival rate is essential.

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