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Uncontrollable growth of old and dead cells of the breast result into malignant tumor or cancer cells. A malignant tumor is referred as a bunch of cells that develops and invades the adjoining tissues of the breast. If this tumor spreads (metastasize) in other body organs or at distant areas, the patient is said to be in the advanced stage of cancer. This disease is more common in women, but even men can get infected by it.

Most common and major indication of breast cancer (presence of lump):

A lump in breast is one of the initial breast cancer symptoms in women, but in many cases (9 out of 10), these lumps are benign.
This means that they are not cancerous. In such cases, these lumps in breast are:

  • Cyst sacs in the breast tissue which are filled with fluid. This is quite common
  • Swelling in the area nearby breast, which is quite obvious before a menstrual period, particularly in women above 35 years.
  • Collection or bunch of fibrous glandular tissue (Fibroadenoma). This case is more common in younger women)

Changes due to the development of cancerous cells in breast:

There are some usual and particular symptoms of breast cancer that one needs to understand in order to get it diagnosed early.

Visible breast cancer symptoms:

  • Development of lump and thickening in the area surrounding the breast
  • You may experience swelling under your arms
  • Your nipples may show some changes. They appear to be inverted in downward direction, becomes irregular in shape, sinks into the breast and turns in
  • Your breast discharges some fluid which may be yellowish, greenish in color. Sometimes, you can see blood stains from your nipples.
  • You skin around the nipple gets scaly and dimpling
  • You can observe a rash in the area surrounding the nipple
  • A remarkable change in the shape and size of breast can also indicate the growth of abnormal cells in your breast.

As presence of lumps necessarily does not indicate cancer symptoms, in the same manner all the other signs do not mean that you are certainly undergoing breast cancer. Blood discharging nipples, inverted nipples or a rash nearby nipples, may be due to some other medical conditions. But, if you experience any of these symptoms in you, you should get it tested as soon as possible. In most cases, it could be a benign condition that can be treated easily. Prompt medical examination of this condition will help you get some mental satisfaction. But, if unfortunately it is diagnosed as cancer, then probably you are lucky to get it detected early stage. Diagnosis of breast cancer in the early stages always increases the chances of curing the disease early and more effectively.

Inflammatory breast cancer symptoms:

Inflammatory breast cancer is a rare type of cancer that has some unusual symptoms. The entire breast may appear inflamed, red and hard to feel. This condition can be very sore or painful. The skin may sometimes appear like peel of orange since the pores get visible in the inflamed area.

Paget's disease :

Paget's disease is considered to be a form of breast cancer that develops rashes around and on the nipples. These rashes appear scaly, red and can be itchy. It resembles eczema slightly and sometimes mistakenly considered as the same at first glance.

So, if you discover lumps or breast pain don't consider it straightway as the symptoms of breast cancer, consult your doctor and get it diagnosed. Having a mammogram helps to detect the presence of cancer cells. If your lump is due to cancer, detecting and treating it when it is benign can help you get more positive results. Early diagnosis and treatment is the key to remove your breast cancer symptoms from the root.

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