Cancer Causes

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases worldwide and is responsible for maximum number of deaths caused due to any type of disease. The disease is caused mainly due to the generation and growth of cancerous cells in the body. Cancer can be of various types like anal, lung, bowel, abdominal, bone, skin, breast, kidney, liver, head and neck, etc. and almost all of them are fatal if not treated in time.

Importance of understanding cancer causes

Causes of cancer play a vital role in controlling the pace of the development of cancerous cells. Malignant cells can develop more freely and rapidly if the causes are severe. Cancer is curable only if the tumors are detected and diagnosed in the early stages. Delayed diagnosis or treatment can lead to an irreversible damage to the body and create considerable complications in treating the tumors.

Understanding the causes of cancer is also helpful in diagnosing the intensity and character of tumors and helps in formulating the right kind of treatment. Causes form an important part of cancer research and are one of the most deciding factors in calculating prognosis, survival rate and life expectancy for cancer patients.

Thorough analysis of causes helps in early detection of tumors and prevents them from multiplying rapidly. If the causes are taken care of well in time, chances of preventing recurrence of cancerous infection are very high.

Major cancer causes

Cancer is one of the most complicated and highly researched diseases worldwide. Major causes and symptoms relating to cancer are also common with many other non-cancerous disorders. Thus, a thorough medical examination of the internal body is very important before deciding on whether the tumors are cancerous or non-cancerous.

Smoking Causes CancerSmoking and consumption of other carcinogenic substances is the biggest cause of cancer. it affects the respiratory badly and kills healthy cells and tissues that are vital in cell-growth process. It also affects the ability of normal cells to resist cancerous infection and creates conditions favorable for rapid growth of malignant cells.

Age is another important cause of cancer. Usually, the disease occurs in adults above 45 years of age. Also, the chances of being prone to the disease increases with age. Thus, a regular medical checkup is vital if any unexpected changes take place in the normal functioning of the body.

Infections and ulcers that do not heal by regular medication must be taken seriously. Such disorders may instigate the normal cells and tissues to behave abruptly and pave way for cancerous development.

Chewing tobacco and over consumption of alcohol may lead to severe disorders in the body. These habits are the major causes of liver and oral cancer and may lead to serious and irreversible damage to the abdominal areas.

Personal and family history of cancer puts a person at disadvantage and makes him more susceptible to cancerous infection. Some of the cancers are hereditary and a regular medical checkup can be beneficial to detect any presence of cell abnormalities.

Cancer treatment in the past makes your body cells and tissues weaker and prevents them from functioning efficiently. Treatments like chemical therapy and radiation therapy are some of the harshest forms of cancer treatments and treat the tumors by burning the infected area. This severely affects the adjacent tissues and forces them to behave abnormally.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is another major and important factor responsible for development of cancerous cells. The virus is developed mainly due to unsafe sexual activities and having multiple sex partners. The virus has been detected as a common cause in most types of cancers and safe sex is the only way to prevent from being infected by HPV.

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is one of the most general causes of the cancers that are specifically related to the sex organs. Anal cancer, uterine cancer and penile cancer are some of the major forms of cancers that are developed due to presence of HIV in the body. Sexually transmitted diseases may also lead to development of malignant tumors if not treated in time.

Bad immune system plays a main role in creating conditions conducive for the malignant cells to develop rapidly and allows the tumors to metastasize with least resistance from the body cells and tissues. Weak immune system also makes your body more prone to frequent infections and weakens the ability of body to fight diseases.

Unhygienic diet is also another main cause of cancer in human body. Foodstuffs rich in fat content and red meat should be avoided. Eating salads, fresh vegetables and fruits can be very helpful in making your body more resistant to cancerous infection.

Cancer causes can be very helpful to analyze symptoms of the disease. They also help in making a person alert about the disease well in advance and prevent the growth of malignant cells in the body. Understanding causes of cancer gives a person an opportunity to consult a physician well in advance and diagnose the tumors right in the early stages. This is very helpful in eliminating the tumors and avoiding their regeneration. Also, the treatment can be undergone with least complications.

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