Cancer Early Signs

Cancer early signs are the basic indicators of cell abnormality. In the early stages, the signs can be detected in a particular region where the cancerous cells primarily develop and tend to form tumors. Later, as the intensity of tumors increases, the signs can be found on almost any parts of the body and may be direct or indirect.

Significance of cancer early signs

Early signs of cancer form the basis of a thorough and reliable cancer diagnosis and treatment. Most of the cancers are curable if the symptoms are rightly interpreted. Diagnosing the symptoms properly helps in early detection of tumors and helps the victim to approach for an apt cancer treatment right in the initial stages of the disease.

Cancer is a disease that occurs usually in adults above 45 years. Also, the process of detecting tumors gets more complicated and time consuming as the age increases. Risk of being prone to cancer increases with age and the pattern of early signs indicating the presence of cell abnormalities may also vary accordingly.

Cancer treatment is very severe and comes with a considerable number of side effects. The main aim of treatment is to control or kill the infected cells and prevent spread or redevelopment of tumors. Thus, it also puts a bad impact on the normal cells and tissues located adjacent to the infected areas and affect the immune system of the victim. Early signs play an important role in minimizing the severity of cancer treatment as the tumors can be detected quite early.

Cancer can be diagnosed using various methods like biopsy, positron emission tomography (PET) test, fine needle aspiration biopsy, ultrasound and computed tomography (CT) scan. Some other basic tests like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan and X-rays are also useful in detecting tumors. Each test serves different purpose and should be undergone according to the nature and intensity of tumors. Early signs of cancer play a vital role in undergoing the right kind of test and make the detection process more reliable. Early signs of cancer are also helpful to analyze the character and intensity of tumors and predict the tendency of metastasis in near future. These signs are deeply related to the causes and risk factors of cancer and highly depend on the habits and lifestyle of cancer victims.

Variations in cancer early signs

Early signs of cancer depend upon a variety of factors.

Personal and family history of cancer is the basic but most important aspect of early signs of cancer. Persons with such medical history are at a high risk of being infected by cancerous tumors. Thus, any indications related to cell abnormalities or unexpected changes in the body functioning should be considered seriously and diagnosed thoroughly for detection of cancerous cells. Also, the symptoms shown by such people may vary considerably from those who do not have any previous cancer history.

Cancer type is another major aspect to be considered while interpreting early signs of cancer. Cancerous cells may originate in various parts of the body like prostate, breast, lungs, abdomen, head and neck areas, colon, rectum, bowels, etc and each type shows unique symptoms of cell abnormalities. Also, the intensity and visibility of symptoms may vary from cancer to cancer.

Immune system of the victim plays a very important role in detection of early signs. A strong immune system means better and constructive resistance to the development of cancerous cells. Such persons usually show very basic symptoms and can be cured easily as compared to those with a weak immune system. Also, interpreting early signs and deciding for an apt treatment is much difficult in persons with a weak immune system.

Age is another common variation in detection of early signs for cancer. The tumors can be detected much easily in young age but the process gets increasingly complicated as the age of the victim increases. Also, the nature of symptoms keeps varying with age and the process of detection has to be more intense and reliable. Cancer treatment in old age may cause an irreversible damage to the body and make the person more prone to regeneration of cancerous tumors. Hence, this aspect needs to be considered very seriously while interpreting early signs of cancer.

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) also alter the pattern of early signs of cancer considerably. Presence of such viruses in the body makes a person physically weak and disturbs the overall immune system. Thus, the symptoms displayed are more intense and complicated as they are quite similar to those displayed in many other non-cancerous disorders. Thus, their thorough diagnosis is very important before considering them as the early signs of cancer.

Important cancer early signs

Abdominal pains, improper digestion of food and difficulties in swallowing are some of the early signs of cancer originating in the digestive system or areas adjacent to it. Formation of lump is a common sign detected in almost all forms of cancer. People suffering from lung cancer may experience frequent breathing problems and fatigue. Anemia, diarrhea, improper bowel movements and difficulties in passage of stools are some of the primary indications of cancerous cells in the bowel.

Bone pains, pain in joints, difficulties in performing normal activities and frequent bone cracks are some of the early signs of bone cancer. Unexpected loss of weight, considerable decrease in appetite and frequent infections or ulcers that fail to heal by usual medication must be diagnosed seriously to detect presence of cancerous cells.

Cancer early signs are very important to finalize on a particular form of treatment. Surgery is the most common treatment to eliminate the cancerous tumors in the initial stages. Radiation therapy is used to treat tumors that are more intense and possess a tendency to metastasize. Chemical therapy is also another important kind of treatment used to curb cancerous growth. Survival rate and life expectancy of a person largely depends upon the interpretation of early signs followed by the treatment pattern adopted.

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