Cancer Recurrence

Cancer recurrence is quite common in most forms of cancers and is one of the major concerns related to the disease. It deals with wide areas like causes, symptoms and personal habits that form the basis of redevelopment of cancerous cells. Advanced diagnosis techniques are available to detect the intensity and character of tumors and prove very helpful in treating recurrence of cancerous tumors.

Meaning of cancer recurrence

Recurrence of cancer deals primarily with such causes and factors that are responsible for recurrence of cancer cells. Recurrence of cancer cells basically means regeneration of abnormal cells in the body even after the patient undergoes cancer treatment.

Cancer is curable if detected early and diagnosed in a proper manner. Chances of recurrence develop when the tumors or the malignant cells are not treated effectively or the immune system of the victim is too weak to resist the cancerous development. Cancerous cells usually recur in the areas adjacent to those treated in the past and target the vital tissues present in the region. Recurred cancer cells can get very intense over a period of time and should be curbed right in the early stages.

Importance of understanding cancer recurrence

Recurrence of malignant tumors is a severe concern and a thorough analysis of the cell abnormalities is necessary to reach the root cause. Understanding the nature of recurrence will benefit the victim in taking early precautions and defending himself from reinvasion by cancerous cells.

Recurrence of cancer also extends to the scope of prescribing an apt treatment to cure malignant cells and the measures to be taken to strengthen the immune system of the body. Strong immune system is one of the major advantages in controlling the abnormal cell growth and is also helpful to fulfill the requirements of vitamins, nutrients and proteins. Causes and symptoms also form a part of recurrence of cancer. Thus, a thorough understanding of recurrence can also make us aware of the prime risk factors and early signs of the disease.

Causes of cancer recurrence

Recurrence of cancer can be due to a variety of risk factors and the causes may vary from person to person or region to region. Some of the causes are hereditary, some environmental and many of them relate to the personal habits of the person. Some cancers are more prone in women than in men and the line of treatment varies accordingly.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) has been detected in most of the cancer patients regardless of the form and origin of cancer. This virus develops in the body due to unsafe sex practices and multiple sex partners. The virus plays a destructive role in weakening the immune system of the body and makes it highly vulnerable to cancerous attack time and again. Hence, safe and healthy sex is important to prevent from being prone to this virus.

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and other sexually transmitted diseases are also a major cause of recurrence of malignant tumors in the body. Such infections damage the body cells and tissues badly and prevent them from functioning efficiently. They also disturb the usual cell growth mechanism and pave a way for cell abnormalities.

Causes Of Cancer Recurrence Smoking is an important cause of the recurrence of cancer and is related to many types of cancers like abdominal, lung, oral, stomach, neck and the cancers developing in the digestive system.

Excess consumption of alcohol is also an important factor leading to recurrence of cancerous cells. It harms the cells and tissues present in the digestive system, kidney and liver and may result into the regeneration of malignant cells in these areas.

Age is one of the basic factors responsible for recurrence of cancer cells. Cancer is usually common in adults above 45 years and the risk of being prone to the disease increases with age. Pattern of cancer treatment has to be less severe in older age as the body may not be able to sustain harsh treatments. Thus, the chance of eliminating the cancer cells is less and they may recur quite easily.

Personal and family history of the disease can also put a person at disadvantage by making him more prone to cancerous attack. Some cancers are hereditary and have high chances of getting transferred from one generation to another. Thus, such persons must be very regular with their medical checkup and diagnose even the slightest of unexpected abnormalities in the body.

Symptoms of cancer recurrence

Symptoms of recurrence of cancer cells are quite similar to those found in cancer. Loss of appetite, unbearable body pains that do not heal by usual medication, unexpected and considerable loss of weight and appetite, abdominal pains and complications in swallowing and digesting food are some of the early symptoms of cancer and should be taken very seriously. Some may also suffer from infections and ulcers that fail to heal quickly or problems in breathing. All these symptoms are also common in many non-cancerous body disorders but should be diagnosed thoroughly to minimize the risks.

Cancer recurrence is a common event in many patients and a proper line of treatment can be helpful in treating the tumors with minimum damage to the body. Surgery can be prescribed in cases where the tumors are small and can be easily removed completely. Radiation therapy uses radiations to kill tumors and is usually used in severe cases. Chemical treatment is fruitful if the tumors are treatable by simple chemical treatment or in combination with surgery. Recurrence of cancer cells can be controlled only if the treatments undertaken are full proof and reliable.

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