Cancer Support

Cancer support has become one of the most desired cancer care patterns in today's world. It benefits the patient in many ways and the main aim is to decrease the sufferings of cancer patients in the most feasible manner. Support groups are involved in wide number of activities related to cancer and they try to cover almost all the vital aspects of the disease. Such groups can be national, regional or global and generally work as charity organizations.

What is cancer support?

Support for cancer basically means a helping hand forwarded to cancer patients to recover faster and become more optimistic about life. Support can be psychological, financial or medical. The support organizations have certain pre-set goals and support the cancer in their own ways. Support for cancer may also involve improvement in the patterns of cancer research, treatment, detection and diagnosis and make the process of detecting and treating cancer more efficient and reliable.

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the world and is responsible for the most number of deaths caused due to a body disorder. The cases of occurrence of cancer are consistently on a rise as disease can develop in any person and at any age. Usually, people above 45 years are more prone to cancerous infection though the malignant tumors may develop even in children.

Cancer treatments are quite severe and put a bad impact on the victim's body. They may even cause an irreparable damage to the victim and create complications in the normal body movements. Hence, support for cancer is very necessary to guide such patients to undergo proper and suitable post-treatment cancer care and recover from the disease in the most efficient way.

What cancer support considers?

Cancer can be of different types and may originate in various vital organs of the body. Some cancers grow gradually and metastasize only to limited areas. While the other forms of cancer grow quite rapidly and infect the vital organs in a considerably short period. Support groups for cancer target the most common forms of cancers that cause severe damage to the body and try to explore new avenues to cure the disease in the least possible time.

Psychological support is very important for cancer patients. If a patient gets isolated from the society and is depressed mentally, he may not respond well to medication. This would lead to considerable increase in health complications and decrease the chances of curing cancer in time. Support groups try to make the life of cancer patients more interesting by involving them in various different activities and strive to keep them active and healthy. This provides a mental support and a sense of belongingness to the victims and enables them to explore their abilities and talents.

Family support is very important to treat the cancer patients efficiently. Proper and regular medication is necessary to take the optimum benefits of medication. Family plays an important role in taking care of tests and medical follow up schedules related to cancer treatment. They also take care of the dietary patterns and other necessary activities of the patient. Hence, family support is very important from the patient's point of view. Support groups for cancer involve in various activities and seminars to guide the family members regarding the physical and mental status of a cancer patient and try to create a friendly environment at home for the victims.

Funding cancer treatment and research is one of the major activities of cancer support organizations. Their main aim is to eliminate the cancer at the earliest. Thus, these organizations provide financial aid or support to the institutes or universities involved in cancer research and create a platform to share the latest findings and breakthroughs in the field of cancer.

Creating cancer awareness is another important activity of support groups. They indulge in seminars and workshops to make people familiar to the disease and the patterns of treatment. It also provides information about the various detection and diagnosis methods and updates people with the latest findings in the field of cancer.

Palliative care is another major form of support for cancer. Main focus of this type of care is to minimize the suffering of cancer patients. This type of cure is suitable for all stages of cancer irrespective of the chances of elimination of cancer tumors and is practiced in most of the major support organizations for cancer.

Major cancer support groups

American cancer society is one of the leading support groups committed to eliminate cancer and educate the masses about this disease. It was established in 1913 and has been consistent in its efforts to curb cancer cases.

Macmillan Cancer Support is another major organization supporting the cause of eliminating cancer. It was also known as The Society For The Prevention And Relief Of Cancer and was established in the United Kingdom (UK) in 1911.

Cancare is another important organization founded in 1990 in United Sates of America and thrives for reliable support for cancer.

Susan G. Komen for the cure is one of the biggest support groups for cancer and is the largest one to support breast cancer. It was founded in the United States of America in 1982 and was formerly known as Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. It operates in nearly 50 countries and has the best network of breast cancer survivors. It is also the highest funded organization to support breast cancer.

Cancer support is fruitful only if all the variations are taken into consideration and the support programs are planned accordingly. It is one of the most popular techniques to provide mental support to cancer patients and give them a platform to share their problems and experiences. Support organizations are also important to fund cancer research and assist in exploring novel techniques to prevent or treat cancer in a reliable manner.

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