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Cervical cancer is gaining interest all over the world, as the incidences of this cancer are increasing despite of simple examinations available to detect and arrest the disease during the initial stages. Just like any other cancer, if cancer of the cervix is diagnosed at an early stage, then the life-expectancy is much better with a better quality of life.

To assist this phenomenon, many non-profit organizations working for women health education and the health care departments are running cervical cancer awareness programs to educate women about the risk, prognosis of the cervical cancer, diagnostic tests available and various risk factors for it.

Cervical cancer accounts for the second highest after the breast cancer and amongst the other cancerous deaths in women over the globe. Alone in America, around 11000 women fall prey to cervical cancer and a significant percentage of this dies every year of this disease. To help assist the awareness program, different months are dedicated as cervical cancer awareness month.

Aim of a Cervical Awareness Program:

Research work continues for the cervical cancer causes, risk factors, diagnostic tests and treatment and management. Cervical cancer research work assured early detection of the disease through widespread screening and preventive steps. Women still do not manage to take the routine screening tests for cervical cancer and delayed screening causes the advancement in the disease with consequent complications.

It has been reported that apart from the busy schedule, a few other factors also contribute to delay in screening by many women across the country. Many low-income women or minority women are unable to conduct the regular routine tests for diagnosing cancerous growth in the cervix.

Hence, the cervical awareness program aims at spreading awareness about the routine tests and its frequency as per the age. The awareness program is carried out in cervix cancer support with the department of public welfare and also educates people from low-income group about availing the special benefits to get the regular examinations done and also the health care benefits available for them.

Activities as a Part of Awareness Program:

Various activities are conducted by Department of Health (DOH) as a part of spreading alertness about this invasive cancer. A few non-profit organizations and medical centres also participate in the program to extend their helping hand.

Various seminars by professional doctors from expertise fields deliver seminars about the risk factors of the disease, the preventive measures to avoid or combat these risk factors and assist the people with cervical cancer to improve the life expectancy with a better quality of life.

Also, few open forums are organized all over the state to allow people discuss their issues, concerns about the disorder, the new treatments emerging in the medical world, the alternative treatments or therapies available and many more such things related to cancer of the cervix.

Also, in co-sponsorship with certain medical institutes, DOH carries out free cervical cancer screening programs to help assist the women to detect the disease. Also the program may involve negotiations with different employers around the state to allow a paid-off to the women employees to ensure maximum participation of women in the screening program.

The awareness program carried out by various organizations and DOH also aims at educating women about the various information centers available to them to get any detailed information about the disease anytime whenever they need. A woman may seek information on cervical cancer from the centers dedicatedly working for this, special medical magazines which include a column or article about the disease and information about sexually transmitted disorders as human papilloma virus (HPV) infections being one of the major causes linked with cancer of the cervix.

Cervical cancer is a leading cause of deaths in women across the globe. Hence, the department of health is rigorously trying to spread awareness about this completely preventable disease. Cervical cancer awareness is a combined effort of the DOH and various other volunteering organizations.

Main focus of the awareness program is to educate the women about their health, necessity of regular screening, the risk factors associated with the disease, the age when women are most likely to develop cancer of the cervix, linking of cervical cancer to HPV infection and other sexually transmitted diseases, and also the preventive measures to combat the risk factors.

Educating the women and the patients about the new medications and therapies emerging that provide promising results for the disease is also on agenda during an awareness program, along with conducting free screenings for the women in the risk factor age group. The awareness program has helped a lot to reduce the incidences of deaths due to cervical cancer and the number is still increasing.

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