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Research studies are going on to seek a treatment that offers maximum benefit in the patient suffering from this life-threatening disease. In recent decades the disease has become less hazardous as the mortality rate has dropped down.

Cervical cancer breakthrough suggests that the researchers were able to develop a promising treatment for the disease via a drug. The research was concentrated to understand the structure of the principal triggering agent of the disease, a virus protein. Hence, the breakthrough drug vaccine assures the anti-viral effect over the triggering virus agent.

However, the studies have not yet been confirmed by any other research studies and still needs to undergo varied developments to be confirmed as a treatment measure. The virus protein determined to be a primary agent of the disease is human papilloma virus (HPV) protein. Around 90% of the cervical cancer cases are diagnosed with the HPV infection.

Various Breakthroughs of Cervical Cancer:

Although, the major concentration of the research on over cervical cancer patients is on the medications and treatment techniques to relieve the symptoms of the disease and the treatment methods, but there is certainly studies dedicated to search a promising diagnostic test to detect the problem as earliest as possible. Following are the vital breakthroughs related to cervical cancer:

  • Breakthrough Vaccine

    Majorly the patients diagnosed with cervical cancer disease, are diagnosed with the HPV infection also, which is accounted for major cause of developing cervical cancer. There have been various vaccines to treat the viral infection but no vaccine was developed to protect the infection to cause cervical cancer.

    Gardasil is the vaccine that is a work of Australian scientists and researchers and has proven 100% effective over the trial cases to protect the highest risk factor strains of HPV, those leading to cervical cancer. Although, treatment for HPV is not available but the virus infection may be certainly suppressed through the treatment. The vaccine triggers immune response to the sexually transmitted virus infection and arrests its cancer-producing characteristics. It has proved its efficacy in early stage of cervical cancer and pre-cancerous lesions.

  • Breakthrough Examination

    Although, Pap smear test is the most popular and effective examination for the early detection of cervical cancer, but still many a times the test results are not sufficient to disclose the type of abnormal cells detected in the cervix region.

    Hence, a breakthrough examination, a result of scientists from Britain and America, is effective to detect the early progression of the cervical cancer. The test is capable of producing the results overnight. The test is known as cobas test.

    Results of the test are checked over thousands of trial cases and were found accurate and clear. One more benefit of the test is that the test need not be repeated as frequently as the Pap smear test.

    Pap smear test is reported to be unable to detect any abnormal cell growth in the cervix for around 1/3rd cases, which undergo the regular Pap test. However, cobas test follows the same technique as in Pap smear test, by analyzing sample of cervix cells, but is effective to detect even small strains of HPV virus which may lead to cancer of the cervix.

    Hence, such a test is capable to suspend the death of around 300 women in 1000, by early detection of the disease. Women who are suffering from HPV infections and are vulnerable to develop cancer may receive early and prompt treatment for the same.

Cervical cancer is responsible to kill thousands of women in the United States every year. Cervical cancer breakthrough is a ray of hope for the people either suffering from the condition or those vulnerable to develop it.

Many research studies were directed and succeeded to develop an effective vaccine, Gardasil to treat the human papilloma virus infection and avoid its progression into cervical cancer. Many unnecessary deaths caused due to incorrect Pap smear test result that failed to show any abnormal cells during the regular examinations, was again a matter for concern for the scientists over the world.

Research development for the same developed a test named cobas test that is similar to Pap smear test but has better efficiency to detect any early abnormality of the cervix cells. The breakthrough developments have proven to be effective with no side effects of Gardasil vaccine in the patients. These studies are important to reduce the mortality rate of the disease in the coming years.

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