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Looking at the death rate in women all over the world, by following the cervical cancer threat, it is understood that life expectancy is a great challenge after the cancer diagnosis of cervix. This devastating disease may or may not assure 5 year survival rate even after prompt treatment. Cervical cancer life expectancy is at the lowest in some parts of the world including Latin America, and Southern Asian countries.

However, there has been a continued research of cervix cancer dedicated to look for improvement in the treatment techniques to manage this most general type of female cancer. Also, the research has been fruitful to deliver newer and modern curable treatments and therapies to improve the survival rate of people suffering from this disease.

Most commonly, women acquire human papilloma virus in teenage or during the 30s that leads to cervical cancer in the late 40s. If the disease is detected at an early stage, then a woman can definitely expect better life expectancy than someone diagnosed at a late stage.

How Long One Can Live After the Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer:

It is difficult to calculate the life expectancy of the disease as it is dependent on various factors. A woman of same age, diagnosed with the same cancer stage and treated with a same therapy of cervical cancer may react differently to the treatment and have a better quality of life and better survival rate than others with the same constraints.

However, usually, the survival rate greatly depends upon the age factor, the stage of the disease while diagnosis, initiation of the treatment, adaptability of the patient to the treatment, patient's overall health and many such factors.

Usually, if a patient is diagnosed with early stage of cervical cancer and immediately starts the treatment then, she has a great possibility to have 5 year survival rate. Factors Affecting Cervical Cancer Life Expectancy:

There are many vital factors that may contribute towards the life expectancy with cervix cancer. Around 90 % women respond well to the treatment and have been able to survive for 5 years after the diagnosis of the disease. Following are some features that have impact over the survival rate of cervical cancer:

  • Maturity of Cancer - The maturity of the tumor is very important to analyze the life expectancy of the patient. A patient may get surgical treatment for a pre cancerous lesion and the recurrence can be avoided giving a better life expectancy as a normal being. However, if the cancer is detected in stage IV with extensive growth and has spread to other organs, then the patient may have fewer chances to survive for 5 years after the diagnosis.
  • Mode of Treatment - A specific treatment technique may be appropriate for the stage and growth of cancer, but the patient may not be eligible or adaptable for it. So, the therapies and treatments selected also help in elevating the life expectancy.
  • Age - Patient's age is very important, as the human immunity declines as the age grows. Usually, younger or middle aged patients respond well and in significant ratio to the treatment than the elderly patients.

How to Improve Cervical Cancer Life Expectancy:

This disease is almost preventable. However, once someone is diagnosed with the disease, it is important to make efforts to increase the life expectancy of the patient and also ensure a better quality of life. Following tips will be helpful in doing so:

  • Instant treatment initiation is key factor to achieve better results. Some myths and beliefs state that treatment is painful and rapid cancerous growth occurs following the treatment, but it is false. Not to receive any treatment is like putting your life at stake.
  • A patient should also do regular follow-ups and prescribed examinations. This will help to detect any recurring abnormal growth at the earliest before it spreads to other vital organs and bring life in danger.
  • A patient diagnosed with cervical cancer is suggested to be positive and patient towards the treatment. As the patient's own overall strength and will power has a lot to contribute towards better life expectancy with cervix cancer..

No one can exactly state the cervix cancer life expectancy, as it is dependent on various different factors. But one can certainly make every effort to have a better quality of life and a better life expectancy by receiving the treatment as early as possible after the diagnosis of the disease and maintaining regular follow-ups. Eat healthy and stay healthy as overall health is important to combat the disease and its unwelcoming symptoms.

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