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Several women across the globe are worried about the cancer of the cervix. Although, some of them may be diagnosed with the disease, some may just worry about getting it at any point of time in life, and many of them are concerned about cervix cancer recurrence. Recurrence of the cancerous cells in the body is more disturbing factor.

A patient may be relaxed after receiving timely treatment and then suddenly if the tumor recurs then it is difficult to accept and adapt to the treatment again. The statistical report for the cervical cancer recurrence states that the possibility is the least when a patient receives surgical treatment during initial stage. Also, the recurrence needs to be arrested at the early stage so as to ease the treatment technique and relieve the patient from the symptoms of the disease.

Recurrence of Cervical Cancer:

Cervical cancer recurrence is the term that characterizes the presence of cancerous cells in the cervix or pelvis region following the primary treatment of the disease. However, the recurrence of the cancer may appear as local to the cervix region or metastatic that spreads to other organs involving, kidney, bladder, lymph nodes and the cancerous cells may have spread into the bloodstream.

The statistical data according to Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences for the recurrence rate of postoperative cervix cancer, it states that advanced cancer of stage II and III recurred in 84% cases in a two years span.

However, cervical cancer recurrence in patients treated with surgery may occur within a year. Considering the global data for cervical cancer patients treated for the disease and lived for 5 years and more the recurrence rate is 7.8 % to 11.1 %, which is shocking.

The recurrence rate for the disease includes patients who have had treatment that helped treat the disease and destroy the cancerous cells, but within next six months they were diagnosed with cancerous cells either localized or metastasized.

The recurrence rate has however, dropped drastically as a result of regular Pap smear tests and it is considered that almost 60% of recurrence instances may be curbed with regular follow-ups and examinations. Also, the patients treated for cervix cancer before should follow healthy life style by giving up smoking and alcohol abuse and maintaining high-fibrous diet.

Cervical Cancer Recurrence Parts:

Most common cervical cancer recurrence cases are confined to cervix region and hence are localized. Generally recurrence affects the basin wall in the cervix and less commonly affects the vagina. Rarely recurrence may be metastasized and affect other body organs. According to the statistical data around 33% of people with pos-treatment recurrence of cervical cancer may have 5 year survival rate.

Cervical Cancer Recurrence Treatment:

The treatment for the recurrent cervical cancer is a challenge and is usually decided according to the site of the recurrence of the cancerous cells and the initial treatment received by the patient. Hence, the patients who have had surgery as a primary treatment are eligible for radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

The patients earlier treated with radiation therapy of cervical cancer may not be the right candidates for radiation therapy again. Hence, for such patients if the cancer recurrence is localized, pelvic exenteration is the treatment technique that involves a surgery to remove the pelvic organs from the patient's body.

The metastasized cancer recurrence is difficult to treat and rarely can be cured with any treatment. Chemotherapy is considered as the only solution for such patients. Although, chemotherapy may not be able to destroy the cancerous cells, but certainly helps to restrict the cancer growth and relieve the pain and other symptoms of cancer for cervix.

Cervix cancer recurrence is a great challenge to cure and to help patients have better cancer life expectancy for cervical. Research studies are dedicated to find an appropriate treatment that addresses the recurrence of the cervical cancer, like any other cancer.

Patients may have a sigh of relief after receiving treatment for cervical cancer and eradicating the cancerous growth, but the possibility of recursion may not be overlooked. Around 10-20% patients experience recurrence of cervical cancer after surgical primary treatment and 70% recurrence rate is noted for the advanced stages of cancers.

The secondary treatment for the recurrent cancer is based on the overall health of the patient, area of recurrence, and extent of the cancerous growth. Chemotherapy with cisplatin alone or combination chemotherapy is popular in recurrence cases of cervical cancer.

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