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Fighting cervical cancer has never been easy, though it has become manageable to live with it since a few decades. Cervical cancer statistics are shocking as the cancer is known to be the reason to cause the second highest number of deaths in women. The data for the number of incidents is surprising too. There are almost more than 10000 new cases reported of the disease in the U.S. alone and around 300000 people die of the disease every year in America.

However, the statistical reports have shown tremendous growth over a period of time and the number of new incidences of the disease and also the death rate following a cervical cancer has dropped due to awareness about screening and new treatment techniques introduced. However, statistics help people to understand their chances to be diagnosed with the cancer or their chances to be cured and treated. The statistical data is never individualistic and may not determine the results for an individual.

Statistics of Cervical Cancer

The data mentioned in this section is authenticated and submitted by U.S. National Institutes of Health, year 2008. Incidence

By Age:

As per the statistical data based on the study of cases from 2004 to 2008, the median age for the cervical cancer to appear is 48 years. Rarely approx. (0.2%), people below 20 years are reported to have this disease.

For people in the age group of 20 to 34, the incidence rate is around 14.3% cases every year. Around 25.8% people get the disease while they are of35 to 44 years old. The percentage of incidences goes down with the increase in the age and the rate of incidences in people between, age group of 45 to 54, around 23.9% cases are recorded.

The data of the actual figures about the people affected by this cancer during certain age group goes on dropping with every decade of the age group. Incidence rate reported to be 16.4 % in 55 to 64 year timeframe, 10.6% for people in the age range 65 to 74, 6.4% new cases for people above 75 and below 85 years of age and around 2.5% for the people above 80 years.

By Race:

The statistical studies for cervical cancer are also studied on race criteria and an average incidence rate for all the races on the basis of 100000 cases is 8.1 new cases per year. The incidence rate is higher in African American women and Hispanic people than the white people.

Around 8.0 new cases are registered with cervical cancer in white people every year. The incidence rate in American Indians and Pacific Islanders is 7.8 and 7.3% respectively. While a higher rate reported in African American and Hispanic Ethnicity reports statistics of 10.0 and 11.1% per year.

Survival Rate and Stage Distribution

Another vital point of study for the statistical data for cervical cancer is the standard 5 year survival rate and also the percentage of the cases based on the stage. The data is however, only considering the female cases and on an average including all races. Statistics state 48% of the cases diagnosed at a primary stage of the cancer that is the cancer is confined to the surface layers of the cervical tissues and has not invaded into deeper layers. People diagnosed with this stage of cancer reported a 90.9% 5 year survival rate after diagnosis.

Another significant ratio of the cervical cancer cases is diagnosed at a stage characterized by tumor growth spread to the surrounding lymph nodes and not to the distant locations or organs. Patients diagnosed at such a stage had a 57% survival rate for 5 years from the diagnosis.

13% cases were asymptomatic and difficult to detect at an early stage and hence, are diagnosed at an advanced cancer growth that has metastasized to distant locations including surrounding organs such as vagina, bladder etc. The cervical cancer survival rate dropped significantly at this stage and accounted to 18.7%

As per the statistics for the year 2008, there were 4% cases reported with an unknown stage of cancer, however, the 5 year survival rate offered was of 53.7%.

Mortality Rate

As per the statistical data for the year 2007-2008, the total number of deaths in women following cervical cancer is 4021. The data calculated for the mortality rate bases on 100000 cases of cervical cancer in US.

2.7% white women died due to cervical cancer between the years 1996-2000. The rate was the highest in the African American women and accounted for 5.9%. The second highest mortality rate was reported in the Hispanic group with 3.7% deaths. Asian American populations and American Indian women had a mortality rate of 2.9 and 2% respectively.

Cervical cancer has always accounted for a devastating disease, but the rate of devastation caused due to it has been dropping since past decades. Cancer statistics state that the incidences of the new cases has almost halved due to awareness of cervix cancer about the screening programs.

Key statistics of the disease also mention that regular Pap test in every two year is helpful to arrest the most general type of cancer stage in around 90% potential people to get it and hence, drop the mortality rate further.

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