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Cervical cancer has a shocking record of number of deaths it has to its credit. Every year millions of women fall prey to this life-threatening disease and also 1/3rd of them, die before even 5 years from the time of cervical cancer diagnosis.

Cervical cancer support is a concept run by many volunteering organizations who intend to extend a helping hand to show moral and financial support to the people suffering this disease. There are several support groups who help the patients in many ways.

The support activities may also include psychological therapy and arranging get together with other cervical cancer patients to meet them and share information as well as extend mutual support. Also, the support activities are important for the family members as it is difficult for them to adjust with their loved one's cancer.

There are different aspects to support the patients suffering from the disease and also their family members. The support activities may include volunteering activities, raising funds for supporting the research activities for cervical cancer.

Cervical Cancer Supporting Services:

There are various supporting activities carried out by the support groups for the cancer. Some of these services will be for the patients as well as the family members to help them cope with the disease.

These support group organizations welcome people suffering from the cancer as well as those, who were able to cope with it or the ones who are experiencing cervical cancer recurrence. Several open forum discussions may be conducted at the organizations to impart individual experiences as well as discuss the prognosis of the condition, what and how much to expect.

Some of the support services may be as follows:

  • Informative Sessions for the Partners of Women Diagnosed with Cervical Cancer

    It is usually certain that partners of the women suffering from cervical cancer are supposed to undergo extensive stress while trying to seek answers to various questions. Every individual has his/her own capability of coping with a difficulty. The informative sessions will help the partners to seek information about the disease, and what are the outlooks of a treatment. Sessions may also give them a forum to express how they feel and empower them to extend support to their partners during this difficult phase.

  • Living With Cancer

    This type of support services, aim at providing supportive hand to the women suffering from cervical cancer. Although, a patient may be suffering from cancer, but need to know various different things related to cancer such as practical advice as to how to go ahead with a treatment or diagnostic examinations and what to expect out of it.

    Women may need emotional and psychological counseling to manage the state of mind that struggles to cope with the condition. Many support organizations conduct informative and advice sessions on themes such as living with cancer. The sessions may be helpful and open for the friends and families of the patients.

  • Diet and Cancer

    This is amongst the basic curiosity a patient has after being diagnosed of cancer. However, suffering from cancer does not mean that a person has to give up all the food items he/she loves. Support services also include counseling sessions from dieticians to inform the patient and their families about the diet during the treatment and in general.

    It is important that a patient has a balanced diet and keep the body fit so that the treatment responds well and positively to it. A healthy diet helps the patients to stay healthy and have adequate energy to bear the adverse effects of the treatment.

  • Spiritual Support

    A lot of things work well with a positive thought, and especially for people who have strong spiritual belief and faith, there are spiritual support activities conducted by the support organizations. This is one of the fundamental requirements for such people to keep their hopes and optimism high.

    A cervical cancer diagnosis may be responsible to shake the faith and belief in such people and then it becomes difficult for people to carry on their lives with cancer. To help cope with this difficulty boosting the belief and spiritual faith is vital.

    There are staff chaplains in some of the support groups. However, if the patient needs, a local clergy may be called upon. The spiritual activities may include group prayers, counseling by chaplain or pastor, communion services, and baptisms.

  • Financial Support

    There are certain support organizations that work for fund raising activities to help the patients be financially capable to meet their treatment needs. Low-income group, people not covered under Medicare and Medicaid are the target audience of such activities. The income may be yielded through the sale of cervix cancer awareness products such as cancer bracelets, t-shirts, other accessories and the proceedings are sent to the needy, to meet his/her financial needs to treat the cancer.

The proceedings may also be contributed to cancer research to offer cervical cancer breakthrough treatments and medicines.

Cervical cancer support is an activity to help the people suffering from the disease and their friends and families to cope with the condition. There are various cancer support groups that work to provide different services to the patients such as counseling about diet, treatments, prognosis, spiritual services and financial help.

There are two main categories of support groups: local support groups and online support groups. Usually hospitals, church, religious institutions work in conjunction with the support groups to impart respective specialized services.

Patients and families may also seek psychological support and answers to many medical questions through internet and get information about different forums. Such services are beneficial for people suffering from severe pain or adverse effects due to the treatment and hence, cannot go out to attend the services or sessions.

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