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Endometrial cancer is a malignant cancer that targets only women. It takes place due to the over production of cells in the endometrium (interior wall of uterus). If these cancer cells are not treated on time, they start to spread beyond the uterus (in the nearby lymph nodes or other distant organs). Hence diagnosing and treating in early stages is significant. With an aim to guide the people with uterine cancer, several support groups are established. These groups basically deal with the uterine cancer support and awareness.

Several people are becoming more concerned about uterine cancer, as it is one of the common cancers that contribute in the increasing mortality rate among the women. There are various severities and forms of the cancer and each have number of treatment choices. Attempting to avoid endometrial cancer is a complicated task, since even doctors are not certain about the prevention steps for cancer. Being aware about the causes and following certain steps can drastically change the scenario of cancer.

Steps regarding endometrial cancer awareness:

Following steps can be helpful to reduce your possibilities of getting this disease.

  • Look for the key source of your endometrial cancer.
  • Keep a track of your menses. In case of any abnormalities, contact your doctor immediately
  • Make sure that your lifestyle is not influencing the development of cancer in your body. This points that habit of smoking, poor diet and development of other cancer can be the risk factors for the development of cancer cells.
  • While consulting your doctor, make sure to tell if you have ever used Tamoxifen (a drug to treat breast cancer). This drug is considered as a potential, risk factor for the cause of endometrial cancer.
  • Keep a check on the hormonal balance in your body, since under abundance or overabundance of certain hormones in a woman's body possibly enhances the chances of endometrial cancer.
  • Be careful about your hormone levels if you are undergoing diabetes, since this cancer is more common among the diabetic patients.
  • You need to be concerned about the medical history of your family, since this cancer is hereditary.

Endometrial cancer causes:

Studies revealed that there are certain factors that may elevate the possibility of getting endometrial cancer:

  • Age factor: Age can be a major factor for the development of cancer cells in the uterus. Possibilities elevates as you get older.

  • Fertility drugs: Drugs that are mean to increase the fertility level in a woman can work as a risk factor to develop the cancer.

  • Family history: Women, whose first degree relatives (mother, sister, and daughter) have had uterine cancer, are at higher risk of developing it in them.

  • Personal history: Women who have dealt with colon cancer, ovarian cancer or breast cancer are at more risk of getting endometrial cancer.

  • Infertility: Women who are infertile (not able to conceive) are more prone to get the uterine cancer.

  • HTP (hormonal replacement therapy): Some evidences revealed that women who has undergone hormone replacement therapy post menopause may develop slighter risk of uterine cancer.

Endometrial cancer risk reducing factors:

  • Some researchers have revealed that breast feeding children and taking oral contraceptives (birth control pills) can reduce the risk of getting endometrial cancer.
  • Women who have undergone tubal ligation (surgery to remove the cervix and uterus) are at lower risk.
  • Reducing the consumption of fats in your diet may lower the possibility of getting endometrial cancer. Key steps to prevent Endometrial Cancer.
  • Cease the estrogen therapy or use of birth control pills. Both make changes in the body hormones and thus increase the risk of getting cancer.
  • Prefer to have hysterectomy, if you no longer want to conceive and have children.
  • Control your smoking habits, unhealthy diet and obesity.
  • Exercise regularly. Dial exercise can help to reduce the possibility of cancer.

Just because you have one or two of the risk factors mentioned above, does not mean that you are going to develop endometrial cancer certainly. It only means that your possibilities of developing this cancer are more than average. Endometrial cancer awareness is one of the helpful measures to know about the risk factors of this cancer.

Many associations are set these days that work to create endometrial cancer awareness among the people. Being aware about the causes, risks, and preventions is the key to treat endometrial cancer successfully.

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