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Endometrial cancer is a form of uterine cancer, since it is associated with the growth of cancerous cells in the uterus or female reproductive system. Although, this disease is allied with several risk factors, there are some causes that can be restricted to avoid the growth of this disease. There are some endometrial cancer prevention strategies that can help you avoid the growth of the cancer cells in your body.

Prevention of cancer:

Cancer prevention is a step taken to reduce the possibilities of developing cancer in your body. Endometrial cancer prevention refers to the restriction of certain actions that may elevate the probability of getting uterine cancer and also adoption of certain steps that may help reduce the impact of this cancer. Prior prevention is always better than the treatment. Undergoing the treatments is rarely an expensive task which can be avoided by taking some preventive measures in regards to this fatal disease. By undergoing preventive measures against endometrial cancer, the stats of new cases can be lowered. Hopefully, this will reduce the number of death cases due to cancer. In order to prevent the uterine cancer, the scientist or researchers, first look at all the allied risk factors, among them which can be avoided and which cannot be avoided. Considering all this factors, they look for the protective remedies for the same.

Protective factors for reducing or eliminating the growth of endometrial cancer:

There are certain aspects that promote the endometrial cancer prevention.

Diet: One needs to prefer the diet which is low in fats and calories. Involving green vegetables and fresh fruits is the helpful remedy to lower down the risk of getting endometrial cancer. Use of soy based food in the diet on regular basis can help one reduce the possibility of cancer growth

Performing physical activities on regular basis:

Physical activity is essential to keep your body healthy and fit. A healthy body develops a good resistance power and good immunity helps to kill or reduce the growth of cancer cells in the body.

Use of oral contraceptives in combination:

Taking oral contraceptives that involves combination of progestin and estrogen reduces the risk of getting endometrial cancer. The preventive effects of this technique are long lasting. These effects elevate with the increase in the length of duration they are taken and can last for many years after their intake is stopped.

Breast feeding and pregnancy:

Estrogen levels are less during the duration of pregnancy as well as breast feeding. Both these conditions help to reduce the risk of getting endometrial cancer.

Stay healthy:

Maintaining healthy body weight and having a balanced diet which includes all the essential nutrients can help you reduce the possibility of cancer growth.

Regular medical checkup:

Regular medical check up is one of the precise remedy that can help you know any abnormal changes in your body. Performing Pap smear after every three months allows you to know if your body is developing any risks getting cancer. Consulting your doctor in any abnormal circumstances is the best solution to prevent the growth of endometrial cancer cells.

Medical trials for endometrial cancer prevention:

Medical trials are used to study the methods for lowering the risk and preventing the endometrial cancer. Some cancer prevention trials are performed on people who had undergone another cancer and are at higher risk of developing uterine cancer. Some trials are carried out to prevent the risk of other cancer due to the presence of endometrial cancer. Some trails are performed with healthy people who are not known to undergo any risk factors of cancer.

The key purpose of this cancer prevention trial technique is to find out whether the taken steps work out to prevent the disease or not. These may involve eating vegetables, fruits on regular basis, quitting smoking drinking, performing regular exercise or taking certain medications, minerals, vitamins or food supplements.

Different techniques to prevent uterine cancer:

As per research, different methods to avoid the development of cancerous cells include:

  • Avoiding actions considered to be the major cause.
  • Modification in eating habits and lifestyle.
  • Preferring medications to control precancerous conditions or to avoid the development of cancer cells.
  • Pap smear and regular health checkup after the age of 30 are the helpful remedies to detect the uterine cancer in initial stages and thus get it treated and cured early.

All the above methods are considered to be helpful for the endometrial cancer prevention. In case you observe any abnormal signs in your body, do not hesitate to visit your doctor for the right diagnosis on endometrial cancer and treatment.

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