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Uterus is a hollow, muscular organ present in the pelvic area of a female. It is a reproductive organ where the fetus is formed and developed. It has a lining called endometrium which may develop cancerous cells in certain conditions. Uterus gets narrow at the end where cervix is located. The cancerous cells developed in this lining are treated with different methods.

Which treatment is right for you?

Variety of endometrial cancer treatment options is available for the people undergoing uterine cancer. These options involve radiation, hormone therapy, chemotherapy and surgery. You may have to go for more than one treatment for complete relief.

The treatment that will best work on you depends mainly on certain factors such as:

  • The stage and type of your disease
  • Position of the tumor
  • Your health and age
  • Whether the cancer cells have plagued the layer of muscles in the uterus
  • Whether the cancer cells have moved in the surrounding area of the uterus
  • Whether the cancerous cells have spread in other body organs ( extent of cancer spread)
  • Depth of foray

All the above consequences are considered while deciding the right treatment.

Available options of Endometrial Cancer Treatment:

Following are the available options for treating the uterine cancer:


cancer surgery is the most common option used by many doctors for removing the uterine cancer completely. In this procedure, uterus of the patient is removed. Removal of uterus is also referred as (hysterectomy), which also involves eliminating the pair of ovaries as well as the fallopian tubes. Undergoing a hysterectomy eliminates your possibilities of getting pregnant and having a child in future. Removal of your ovaries will result into menopause, though you are a menstruating woman.

Your surgeon will probably examine the area surrounding your uterus, which helps them to detect the signs of cancer in the adjoining areas. Your lymph nodes may also be removed for examining the presence of cancer is them. This practice helps to determine the stage of your cancer.


In this method, chemicals are used to destroy the cancer cells. Your doctor may provide one particular drug or a combination of two or more drugs to kill the cancerous cells in your endometrium. These chemotherapy drugs can be taken through veins via injection or in the form of pills (orally). Chemotherapy can best work on a woman who is undergoing it in an advanced stage of cancer i.e. in the stage where the uterine cancer has spread beyond the lining of the uterus. These drugs start to move in the bloodstream when injected in the body of the patient and thus helps to kill the cancer bodies

Hormonal treatment:

Hormonal therapy involves the use of medications that influences the hormonal levels of the body. Hormone therapy of uterine cancer can be used in advanced stage to get some relief from the uncontrollable growth of the cancer cells.

Your options of hormone therapy include:

  • Medications to lower down the quantity of estrogen: Hormone therapy can help to reduce the level of estrogen or production of estrogen in the body. Uterine cancer cells that develop on the basis of estrogen will die in response to this medication.
  • Medications to elevate the quantity of progesterone: This medication helps to produce synthetic form of progesterone. Progesterone stops the growth of endometrial cancer cells.


In radiation therapy, powerful X-rays are used to target the cancer cells. These are high energy and powerful beams that kills the cancer cells by burning them. In some cases, it may happen that your doctor may recommend a radiation therapy after surgery in order to prevent the risk of recurrence. If you are not prepared for surgery, (mentally and physically) you can opt to undergo radiation therapy. In women with complex stage of uterine cancer, radiation therapy can be helpful to reduce the pain related to cancer.

Radiation therapy is performed by various manners:

  • Internal radiation treatment: In this type of treatment, radiations are placed inside the body (brachytherapy). This means a device filled with radiations (wires, small seeds, and cylinder) is placed inside your vagina for a short duration.
  • External radiation treatment: In this case, external beam from a machine is used to target the specific points on your body.

During this the patient lays on the table and the beams are focused on the location of cancer.

Though you have various options for treating your uterine cancer, still one should prefer those which work best on you. Your doctor considers certain points in order to decide the suitable endometrial cancer treatment for you.

You can prefer any of these treatments as per your preference, but still recommendation of your doctor regarding your endometrial cancer treatment should be of prime importance.

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