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The cancer cells which are formed on the tissues of an individual's esophagus are known as esophageal cancer. The function of the esophagus is to carry food from a person's mouth upto his stomach. An organ that is situated behind a person's chest and is a hollow and muscular one is known as the esophagus. As per its occurrence, the esophageal cancer can be classified into two types. They are-

Squamous cell carcinoma- A cancer type that is formed in the cell lining, which are flat, in the esophagus is known as esophageal cancer squamous cell carcinoma type

Adenocarcinoma-A cancer type that gets formed in the esophagus cells that creates and release mucus and some other fluids that are essential is known as adenocarcinoma in the esophageal cancer

The cancer in the esophagus results to be very harmful and destructive for human health. As a result, proper esophageal cancer care is necessary to be taken by the people. Esophageal cancer care means care people should take in order to avoid getting affected by the cancer in the esophagus or if a person is already suffering from esophageal cancer. Certain efforts are needed to be taken in order to take proper care of the patient.

Esophageal cancer care:

The patients with esophageal cancer should be properly taken care of, as most of the times, the cancer is detected at a very late stage than other cancer types. To take care of the patient in order to prevent spread of the cancer further in his body, certain cure factors should be kept in mind by the care takers. Some of the esophageal cancer care factors are:

  • Stop smoking: In order to take care of the esophageal cancer from spreading further, it is necessary for the patient to stop smoking, or intake of nicotine and such toxic substances like tobacco into his body

  • Medication for heartburn: If the patient is undergoing frequent heartburns, it is necessary that he consults his doctor for the same. To avoid such heartburn, the patient must undergo necessary treatments and medical tests by consulting his health care provider.

  • Preventing Lye consumption: Lye is a harmful and toxic agent that is used in households to clean the drains. It has been observed that people accidently consume lye during their childhood. The lye shows up after a number of years by creating diseases in the esophagus. The esophageal cancer is one such disease. Esophageal cancer care includes prevention of lye consumption.

  • Obesity: Obesity plays an important role in establishing new forms of disease in human beings. Being obese is a type of disorder now a days. Preventing a person's obesity is a necessary care measure against esophageal cancer.

  • Medical checkups: A regular course of medical checkup is necessary to understand the current situation of the disease. Also, if further spreading of cancerous cells is detected, proper esophageal cancer care measures can be taken to prevent or cure it. Diagnosis of esophageal cancer is a kind of detailed medical examination executed to trace cancerous growth in esophagus

  • Awareness about the disease: If people are aware about esophageal cancer, they know the symptoms and causes of esophageal cancer, then they can prevent the occurrence or spreading of the disease in their body

  • Appropriate information: Having appropriate or correct knowledge or information of the disease helps a lot to create awareness amongst the people about the same, and share the cancer care measures with other cancer patients

The esophageal cancer care is a very important and necessary measure to be taken to help a patient recover from cancer, or if the cancer has spread to a great extent, the care measures can help to prevent further spreading. The esophageal cancer care awareness is very necessary as it helps to maintain or make better the health of the esophageal cancer patient.

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