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The esophageal cancer is supposed to be a rare type of cancer that occurs in a person's esophagus. An esophagus is located near the chest of a person. The esophagus carries the food from a person's mouth to his stomach. It is a hollow muscular tube. The esophageal cancer has been divided into two types so that people know where there are high possibilities of the cancer formation in the esophagus. The two types are:

  • Squamous cell carcinoma- This type of cancer gets formed in the esophagus lining's flat cells.

  • Adenocarcinoma- This type of cancer gets formed in the cells that are useful in making and releasing the required fluids and the mucus.

The esophageal cancer is common among men than women. Most of the people lack the knowledge of how the disease is formed in the human body or what are the signs which show that the disease can be present in oneself. A general awareness about the esophageal cancer can help people to know about the cancer precisely.

Esophageal cancer early signs:

The word early signs denote the symptoms or the signs which are seen just when the cancer starts to develop in the patient's body. On the basis of the early signs or the symptoms, many a times, the doctor can judge which stage of the esophageal cancer has reached. Knowing the esophageal cancer early signs is very necessary in order to understand or detect the cancer occurrence. The esophageal cancer early signs are:

  • Heartburn- One of the early signs of the esophageal cancer is heartburn. It is a sensation of pain and burning in the heart. A frequent heartburn is supposed to be an early sign of the esophageal cancer.

  • Vomiting blood- The presence of blood during vomiting usually denotes that there is certain disorder or malfunctioning in a person's digestive tract or the esophagus. When a person comes across situation where blood is seen in his vomiting process, he must immediately consult a doctor.

  • Difficulty in swallowing- The irritation or the difficulty in swallowing the food in any of its form denotes the esophageal problem. Such a problem can result into formation of cancerous cells in the esophagus. It is also known as dysphagia.

  • Regurgitation- The outward process of the food through a person's mouth can be said as regurgitation. It means a person takes out whatever he has eaten within a certain time period is thrown back out of his mouth due to any problem.

  • Loss of appetite- A person's food intake decreases. That is his dietary habits become very poor and not a healthy intake of food is practiced.
  • Black stools- A person may find his stool appearing in a black or tarry color that denotes the presence of a problem in his body

  • Chest pain- A pain in the chest that has nothing to do with a person's food intake is an early sign of esophageal cancer

  • Loss of weight- The loss of weight due to a poor or unhealthy food habits as a result of loss of the appetite is a symptom or an early sign for the esophageal cancer.

The esophageal cancer early signs denote or prompt that the cancer is about to develop to a bigger extent or has already developed in a person's body. If people are aware about the esophageal cancer early signs, they can prevent the development of the cancer in their esophagus. Also, if the early signs are known and are detected, a proper esophageal cancer cure measure can be undertaken immediately by the patient to get treated against the cancer in his esophagus.

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