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The cancer occurring in the esophagus, resulting into massive damages if not prevented, is called esophageal cancer. The esophagus is an organ in the human body that is situated behind the chest. It is a hollow and a very muscular organ. Carrying the food from a person's mouth to his stomach is the main function of the esophagus.

One of the most uncommon types of cancer is the esophageal cancer. It has been observed that esophageal cancer is more common in men than in women. The esophagus cancer has been divided into types which are:

  • Adenocarcinoma-The type of esophageal cancer that is formed in the cells, creating and releasing mucus as well as some other essential fluids is known as adenocarcinoma

  • Squamous cell carcinoma- The type of cancer that is formed in the flat cell lining of the esophagus is known as squamous cell carcinoma in the esophageal cancer

The esophageal cancer is also divided into many stages in order to understand where the cancer has spread, at which stage. According to the stage of esophageal cancer, the treatment method can be understood or decided. Due to the advancement in the field of medicals, many new cure options are available for the esophageal cancer these days. If people are well aware about the esophageal cancer causing agents or the symptoms of the esophageal cancer, they can succeed in avoiding or diminishing the cancer in the esophagus.

Esophageal cancer prevention:

Esophageal cancer prevention means the necessary things undergone in order to stop or avoid the occurrence of the cancer in the esophagus. The preventive measures of esophageal cancer are many in number. If a person follows them thoroughly, he can live a disease free and a healthy life. Some of the esophageal cancer preventive measures are:

  • Fruit and vegetable intake- A person must include lots of fruits and vegetables in his daily diet for a better and safe health. Also, the required amount of proteins carbohydrates etc. gets consumed by him.

  • Quit smoking- In order to stop nicotine and tobacco content from accumulating in a person's body, he must quit smoking, and stop the consumption of tobacco. Smoking and chewing tobacco is one of the most harmful causes of different esophageal cancer in an individual's body.

  • Alcohol limitations- The alcohol consumption should be restricted to a certain quantity, if a person has a regular habit of consuming alcohol

  • Medical consulting- The best way of preventing esophageal cancer is by approaching the health care provider, if a person notices any of the symptoms of the esophageal cancer in him. If any symptoms are seen, the doctor can conduct the necessary treatment measures and prevent the spreading of the cancer.

  • Medication for heartburn- If a person suffers any kind of heartburn, he must consult his doctor and take correct medicines, and practice the required exercise to avoid such heartburns

  • Not consuming Lye- The lye is a very harmful agent that is used to clean the drains in the household. Many a times, people accidently consume the lye in their childhood. But after certain years, the lye shows up and causes many diseases. The esophageal cancer is one such disease. So in order to prevent the esophageal cancer, a person must avoid the consumption of the Lye.

  • Obesity- It has been observed that being obese accounts for the formation of the cancer in the esophagus. In order to have a fit and healthy life, obesity should be avoided and prevented.

The esophageal cancer prevention plays a vital role in avoiding or preventing the occurrence or creation of cancer in a person's esophagus. If people get well aware about the esophageal cancer preventions, it is very likely that they can help themselves from such a disease.

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