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A cancer occurring in the tissues of the esophagus is known as the esophageal cancer. An organ that carries the liquids and food from a person's mouth to his stomach for further process is known as the esophagus. Esophagus is a muscular and a hollow type of an organ. The esophageal cancer has its two kinds that are determined on the place where the cancer have formed. They are-

  • Squamous cell carcinoma- This is a cancer type that marks its beginning in the flat shaped cell lining of the esophagus
  • Adenocarcinoma- This is a cancer type that marks its presence in the cells which perform the activity of making fluids and releasing them. It includes fluids like mucus etc.

The esophageal cancer is believed to be an uncommon type of cancer. The adenocarcinoma in the esophageal cancer is a common type occurring in the esophageal cancer patients.

After a long observation, it has been noticed that the patients should be well aware and updated about certain uncommon diseases. The esophageal cancer is one of them. People should know the symptoms and root causes of esophageal cancer in order to stay away from such an invasive and harmful disease that can occur.

Esophageal cancer research and breakthrough:

The research and breakthrough means the new advancement in a particular field or a particular topic. The researchers and people who are responsible for breakthrough in the medical field have been constantly updating the people through esophageal cancer research and breakthrough. The research results and the breakthrough factors are all achieved after a long term of relevant study on the same. Some of the esophageal cancer breakthroughs are:

  • The chances of developing high grade cancer cells is much more than the chances of developing the low grade cancer cells which won't stay stable
  • The detection and treatment of dysplasia helps in prevention of esophageal cancer in a person's esophagus
  • Some new innovative technologies have helped the surgeons in the removal of cancer by causing a minimum damage to the tissues that surround the cancer cells and the new techniques of surgery which are minimally invasive result into less side effects and improved life quality
  • Smoking contributes to almost 51% of the esophageal cancer cases
  • Endoscopic radiofrequency- The endoscopic radiofrequency is an effective type of treatment that helps to eliminate the esophageal cancer
  • Genes- The researchers have achieved certain facts that many a times, some kind of changes in a person's genes are responsible for the development of normal cells into infectious cancerous cells
  • Canelim capsules- A type of Chinese medicine which is an anti-cancer drug is the 'canelim capsules'. It is highly efficient in killing the invasive cancer cells present in the patient's body.
  • Targeted therapy- A therapy that targets the specific areas of the cancer patient's body includes the tissues, proteins and the genes is called as the targeted therapy. It basically aims at targeting and destroying the areas that help the cancer cells to grow.
  • Diet- A that that contains the fat in a low proportion and the presence of fiber in greater proportion helps to avoid the risk of the cancer in the esophagus. The diet must also include fruits and all vegetables.
  • Survival rate- In comparison to the esophageal cancer survival rates in the last decade, a great increase in the percentage of the survival of the esophageal cancer patients has been observed. The credit goes to the modern and developed techniques of treatment to esophageal cancer.
  • Cytosponge- A test called as the 'cytosponge' has been introduced for the esophageal cancer detection. The cytosponge helps to detect the cells present in a person's body which are on the verge of changing into cancer cells and the formation of new abnormal cells which can be cancerous.

The esophageal cancer research and breakthrough keep the people regularly updated about the latest research and the new breakthroughs that have been achieved with respect to this disease. In short, the esophageal cancer research and breakthrough plays an important role in keeping people updated and posted about the invasive cancer.

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