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One of the types of cancer that forms in human body part called as the esophagus is known as the esophageal cancer. The esophagus is an organ situated near a person's chest, in his throat. The esophagus performs the function of taking the food to a person's stomach from his mouth. The esophageal cancer is a result of the formation of some abnormal cells in the person's esophagus. These cancer cells spread by multiplying and cause great damage to the patient. Depending on the place of formation of the cancer cells in the esophagus, the esophageal cancer has been divided into two types. The types are:

Squamous cell carcinoma

Formation of cancer cells in lining of the cell, that are flat shaped, is termed as the squamous cell carcinoma.


Formation of cancer in the cells of the esophagus, which make and release a fluid known as the mucus along with certain other fluids which are required by the human body is termed as the adenocarcinoma.

Esophageal cancer support:

The esophageal cancer support plays a very important role in helping and supporting the esophageal cancer patients mentally as well as financially. The esophageal cancer support groups have been into existence since a long time. They prove to be very helpful for patients with esophageal cancer as well as their loved ones. Most of the support groups can be approached for help 24 x 7. Some of them have online facilities to provide help and support people with respect to esophageal cancer. Most of the esophageal cancer support groups are free of cost. Some of their members are themselves cancer patients while some are people who have a heart to help and support people with different diseases. People who wish to join the cancer support groups are always welcomed.

Thorough medical attention is extremely important while going for esophageal cancer diagnosis. The cancer support groups make the cancer patients realize that the disease they have can be cured with necessary treatment methods. Below mentioned are various types of esophageal cancer support groups.

Face to face esophageal cancer support groups

  • In the New York city:
    • Men with cancer support groups
    • Post-Treatment Survivorship Support Group
    • Young Adults with Cancer
    • Post-Treatment Survivorship for Young Adults Support Group
    • Young Adult Caregiver Support Group
    • Spouse and Partner Caregiver Support Group
    • Caregivers and Loved Ones Support Group (New York City)

  • In New Jersey:
    • Partners Bereavement Support Group
    • General Patient Support Group

  • Connecticut:
    • Kids Group - For Children Who Have a Parent with Cancer
    • Healing with Words -A Writing Group for Cancer Survivors and Caregivers
    • Hablemos Sobre el Cancer-Grupo Para Hombres y Mujeres (Let's Talk About Cancer-A Spanish Speaking Group for Men and Women )
    • Blended Voices - For Women Diagnosed with Cancer and Their Loved Ones

  • Long Islands:
    • Support Group for Teens
    • Caregiver Support Group
    • Children's Support Group
    • Parental Support Group
    • Sibling Support Group

Telephone support groups:

  • Post-Treatment Survivorship Support Group
  • Men with Cancer Support Group
  • Men and Women with Advanced Cancer Support Group
  • Grupo de Apoyo Para Mujeres Con Cancer (Women with Cancer Support Group)
Online support groups:
  • Spouse/Partner's Bereavement Support Group
  • Young Adults Who Have Lost a Loved One Support Group
  • People Who Have Lost a Loved One Support Group
  • Caregiver Support Group - Spouses/Partners
  • Young Adult Caregiver - Spouses/Partners Support Group
  • Young Adult Caregiver Support Group
  • Healing with Words - A Therapeutic Writing Group
  • Gynecologic Cancers Patient Support Group
  • Women with Cancer Support Group

The esophageal cancer support is thus a very effective option where the cancer patients can approach the support groups and seek for mental as well as financial help. The cancer support groups help to make the cancer patients strong mentally so that they can face any situation which comes their way.

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