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The esophageal cancer is one of the uncommon types of cancer that appear in the esophagus of a person. The esophagus is located in the throat that does the work of carrying the dietary intake of a person from his mouth to the stomach. The food can be in any form. The infectious cells damage the esophagus. Such condition of the esophagus is called the esophageal cancer.

The esophageal cancer is supposed to have more men victims than women. Usually, it is seen that it occurs in people above 50years. This can be because after a certain age, people don't tend to take their medical issues very seriously. As per the classification, the esophageal cancer is divided into two sub groups. They are:

  • Adenocarcinoma; Arising from the cells known as the 'glandular cells'
  • Squamous cell cancer; Arising from the cells which lines the esophagus in the upper portion

It is a simple phenomenon that if people are aware of the causing factors of a certain type of disease, they would prevent themselves from getting infected with such factors. But if people get infected with the esophageal cancer because of any careless attitude towards health, then there are certain treatment options that can help them to cure the cancer.

Esophageal cancer treatment: The esophageal cancer being a rare type of cancer has certain types of esophageal cure options. After a long term of research and study, the treatment measures have been made available to people. Few of the esophageal cancer cure measures are stated below precisely.

  • Usually, the doctor suggests the patient to undergo a treatment with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. This is done when the early signs of esophageal cancer symptoms are seen in him.

    • Radiotherapy: It is also known as the radiation therapy. In this type of therapy, the radiation of ionizing deposits the energetic radiations on the cancerous cells which then get damaged and killed. It results into killing the cells of cancer and preventing them from spreading.
    • Chemotherapy: In the process of chemotherapy, the patient is asked to follow the treatment by taking the medicinal drugs either orally or by injecting it in his body. The chemotherapy helps in destroying the cancer cells completely. But the only drawback of chemotherapy is that it also leaves an impact on the healthy cells but this can be later cured.

  • When the cancer is present in the esophageal itself and has not started to spread, then undergoing surgery is a treatment measure. The basic aim behind the surgery to remove the cancer. The types of surgery are-

    • Minimally invasive esophagectomy: In this surgery, the patient's esophagus part or the whole of esophagus is removed. After the removal of the esophagus, it is rebuilt from the large intestine parts or the stomach parts.
    • Esophagectomy: In this surgery, the doctor works upon the patient's esophagus by removing or removing its partial parts. Later, the esophagus is rebuilt by the doctor with substitutes.

  • Other treatment measure- When the cancer has advanced in the patient's body or has spread to a greater extent, then there are some other esophageal cancer cure measure that are to be followed. They are:

    • PDT (photodynamic therapy): It is a type of esophageal cancer cure option used to treat an invasive condition of the esophageal cancer. In this treatment, a drug is consumed by the patient that gets settled in the patient's cancerous tumor. After a period of time, a laser light is focused upon the cancer tumor with the help of an endoscope. The laser light results into making changes in the drug that the patient has taken and starts to kill and damage the tumor of the cancer.
    • Placement of a stent: It is a procedure in which the doctor uses the tube that is of stainless steel and is a wire mesh. The tube acts as esophageal cancer support to prevent the artery from closing and keeps them open. It remains as a permanent part of an individual's artery.
The esophageal cancer cure options are many but they can be undergone only if the patient approaches the doctor as soon as he sees the symptoms in him. Diagnosis of esophageal cancer cells plays a remarkable role in laying apt and suitable pattern for cure of the disorder. For the esophageal cancer treatment, one of the most important factors is the patient's immunity and his ability to face the treatment side effects. In order for esophageal cancer cure at the right time, the esophageal cancer treatment should be undertaken at the right time.

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