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Eye cancer, also known as silent killer, is one of the rarest types of cancer. The symptoms of eye cancer appear very lately when the cancer has advanced to the later stages. The eye specialist is the only person who can detect the presence of cancerous cells in the early stages. Hence, it is recommended that you go for regular eye checkups. Retinoblastoma is a type of eye cancer normally found in children and ocular melanoma is a type of eye cancer that can be detected in adults.

Eye cancer symptoms:

  1. Retinoblastoma in children can be identified when there is yellow or white reflux instead of red reflux. This is one of the surest way to detect eye cancer cells in children.
  2. Watery eyes
  3. Blurred vision
  4. Sore eyes
  5. Diminished vision
  6. Loss of peripheral i.e. sidewise vision eyesight
  7. Floaters i.e. seeing floating objects or spots
  8. Dark spot which gradually grows in the iris or conjunctiva
  9. Partial loss of eyesight
  10. Double vision

One must note that various symptoms of eye cancer appear when the eye cancer develops into its later stages. Eye cancer can be detected by the eye specialists only when the cancer has developed in its early stages. Hence, one must visit eye specialists on a regular basis for normal eye check-up.

Eye cancer care:

  • Family and close people provide immense emotional support. It is equally important to get emotional support as much as you need good treatment. It the people close to you can provide you new outlook towards life. Spend as much time possible with your dear ones. Love and affection can help you overcome your cancer worry and stress.

  • If you have passion towards art, literature or sports, then pursuing your passion will definitely help you in forgetting the pain and the moments that you will spend pursuing your passion are the moments that will make you to look at life in a different way, in a positive way.

  • Take out some time for yourself and be alone.

  • Treating yourself with whatever you like is good way to cheer up. A chocolate would definitely serve its purpose.

  • Develop a new hobby e.g. if you love listening to music, then you must try to play music as well. You can join any class of your favorite instrument like guitar, violin, etc.

  • Try something that you have never ever tried in your life. E.g. if you have never tried cooking, try to make simple dishes. Slowly, you might even love cooking and will be expert at it.

  • Meditation will help you heal. Practicing yoga will not only keep you physically fit but will also keep you mentally fit.

  • Follow the path of spirituality. You need follow religious spirituality. You need to connect higher power.

  • Spending time with nature can offer you peace. Sometimes, do spend time with nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Breathe some fresh air and relax. Plant new trees. Discover yourself with nature. Explore new places.

  • There are many rehabilitation centers for the cancer patients. You can enroll yourself into these centers. Palliative cancer care not only helps you in offering good treatment but also looks after your psychological well being.

If you have the will power then you can write your own destiny. Believe in yourself. Even after the treatment visit your doctor regularly to check if the cancerous cells have developed again or not. Live life enthusiastically. Maintain healthy diet. If you are addicted to bad habits such as smoking, drugs or chewing tobacco it's time you say bye to these habits forever.

Take care!

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