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Eye Cancer:

Eye cancer is rare and symptoms of eye cancer are noticed in the last stages. Hence, eye cancer is also called as the silent killer. There are about 325 cases of eye cancer registered in North America and the success rate exceeds 95%. If cancer is detected early, then the treatment is effective and successful.

There are two types of eye cancer- primary cancer and malignant cancer. Primary eye cancer is the cancer that originates in the eye itself whereas malignant eye cancer is the cancer that spreads to the eye from the other parts of the body. The eye cancer generally found in children is retinoblastoma and the eye cancer that is referred to adults is ocular melanoma.

Eye cancer causes:

The location of eye cancer decides whether the eye cancer is intraocular or extra ocular. Intra ocular is the eye cancer wherein the growth of cancerous cells is inside the eyes itself and extra ocular is growth of cancerous cells outside the eyes.

The actual reasons of eye cancer are still unknown. But, doctors reveal that exposure to ultraviolet rays, changes in the genes or weak immune system is responsible for the growth of cancer.

Few eye cancer causes are enlisted below:

  • Exposure to sunlight for a long period:

    Exposure to sunlight for a long period of time can cause eye cancer. Sunlight comprises of ultraviolet rays or UV rays that cause damage to the cells. UV rays are also responsible for skin cancer. Hence, make sure that whenever you go out in the sun; don't forget to put on your eye cares such as good quality eye glares.

  • Color of the eyes:

    Colors of the eyes also contribute to eye cancer. People who have blue or green or grey eyes have greater risk of developing eye cancer or melanoma than the other people who have black or brown eyes. The main cause of eye cancer is melanoma. Hence, most of the white people who have blue or green eyes are at a higher risk of developing intra ocular melanoma.

  • Genetic factors:

    Genetic factors such as genes can sometimes cause eye cancer. There are genes which regulate the multiplication and division of cells. Oncogenes such as GNA11 or GNAQ are the genes which perform the function of promoting the growth of cells whereas tumor suppressor genes decide the time when the cells will die and they also manage cell growth. Since, the definition of cancer is unregulated growth of cells, changes in these genes cause cancer. It is one of the primary reasons for developing cancer. Also, if the member in the family has got cancer, then the cancer genes can be passed onto the next generation.

  • Weak immune system:

    Eye cancer research has shown that people who have a weak immune system are more vulnerable to develop this cancer. People who have contracted Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and people who take anti-rejection drugs after tissue or organ transplant have weaker immune system.

  • Certain occupations: People working in certain occupations like farming, welding, chemical workers and laundry workers are at a higher risk of developing eye melanoma. But, these links have not been proved conclusively.

Above mentioned were few eye cancer causes. Once, the causes are known, one can take adequate precaution so as to avoid the growth of cancerous tumors. Also, remember that if you notice any of the eye cancer symptoms or signs, immediately check it with your eye specialist since delay in the treatment can prove to be fatal. Early cancer treatment can give successful results.

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