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Eye cancer is divided into two categories- primary eye cancer and malignant eye cancer. Primary eye cancer is the cancer of eye that originates in the eye itself whereas malignant eye cancer is the eye cancer that has spread to the eye from other body parts. Eye cancer is considered to be a rare type of cancer. In a survey conducted recently it reveals that 325 children were diagnosed with eye cancer and 95% of people got cured with due treatment. The survey took place in North America. Here, one has to note that the success rate exceeded 95% only when the cancer was diagnosed early. Symptoms of eye cancer do not appear in the initial stages. Hence, if you book regular eye check-up appointment with your eye specialist, then the cancerous tumor can be diagnosed early and treatment will not be delayed. Your eye specialist is the only person who can diagnose eye cancer in the early stages. Hence, regular eye check-up should not be missed.

Eye cancer cure and treatment:

The treatment and cure for eye cancer is selected depending upon the age of the person, medical history of the person, size of the tumor, how far the tumor has grown and general health of the person.

There are various treatments carried out to cure eye cancer. Radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery and laser surgery or therapies are few of the options that are extensively used as eye cancer treatments.

  1. Surgery:

    Eye cancer surgery method is carried to remove the tumor. Sometimes, part of the eye needs to be removed else it will spread the tumor to surrounding tissues of the eye which eventually will also have to be removed. If the tumor has spread to most of the parts of the eyes and there is no other option to prevent the metastases of cancer then removal of eye is also considered. The operation carried out to remove the whole eye is called as enucleation.

  2. Radiation therapy:

    Radiation therapy is commonly used to treat cancer of all types. High energy rays are used to treat cancerous cells. This treatment can save your eye. The problem is that radiotherapy can be used to cure small eye melanoma or medium sized eye melanomas. Internal radiotherapy and external radiotherapy are two types of radiotherapy. In external radiotherapy procedure, rays are directed onto the tumor. This helps in saving other normal cells. Usually, surgery is followed by radiotherapy.

  3. Chemotherapy:

    Chemotherapy of is normally used to treat eye lymphomas. Chemotherapy uses drugs to kill the cancerous cells. There are certain side-effects of this therapy- hair fall, mouth ulcers or sore mouth, drop in the count of RBC's (Red Blood Corpuscles), feeling sick and tired.

  4. Laser therapy:

    Laser therapy of eye cancer is now common treatment used to cure it. However, this treatment is effective in treating small eye melanomas. High energy and powerful beam of light directed onto the cancer tumor eventually destroying cancerous cells. A local anesthesia is injected and after the treatment there is no need to stay in the hospital overnight. Laser therapy is growing popular in treating and curing eye cancer as it is painless and do not require to stay in the hospital for more than few hours.

Above are listed eye cancer cure and treatment therapies and procedures. Before undergoing any of the treatment collect complete information about it, ask your doctor whether it has got some side-effects or not and how much period it will require coming back to normal.

Do not neglect your diet after undergoing eye cancer cure and treatment. Consult your dietitian and consume healthy and nutritious food. Quit alcohol and smoking. Exercise regularly. Do not take any sort of stress. Enjoy life.

Take care!

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