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Cancer was the most dreaded word in the medical history. Thanks to the advancement in the field of medical science and technology. Cancer can be defined as unregulated growth of cells which are fundamental and basic units of life. Eye cancer is one of the rarest types of cancer. When cancerous cells develop in the eye itself, it is termed as primary eye cancer and when cancerous cells spread to the eye from different parts of the body, it is termed as malignant eye cancer. Eye cancer is also called as silent killer because it is one of the rarest types of cancer and the symptoms of eye cancer develop lately when the cancer has advanced further.

Eye cancer recurrence:

When cancer is developed again even after the successful treatment, it is called as cancer recurrence. Hence, the period after successful treatment of cancer can be exciting as well stressful. Moreover, cancer recurrence is common amongst the cancer patients.

What can you do to avoid eye cancer recurrence:

  1. Regular check-up:

    Regular eye check up is a must even after the treatment has been successfully completed. There are chances that cancer cells can develop again.

    Almost every cancer treatment has got side-effects. If you are facing any problem in doing normal regular activities tell your doctor. If you see any new symptoms developing, do not delay your appointment. Discuss your each and every medical problem with your doctor and get it answered. You may have to undergo again few tests to see if cancer tumor has developed again.

  2. Follow-up after treatment:

    Your doctor may suggest you few medications that you can take to treat some of your side-effects that have developed because of cancer treatment. When you visit your doctor post treatment period, he will examine you physically and perform few tests such as X-rays or Computer tomography (CT scan) or MRI scans to check eye cancer recurrence. The good news is that the success rate of treating cancer recurrence is quite high if the cancerous cells are detected early. Hence, doctors always emphasis on early detection of cancerous tumor. This will increase the chances of successful treatment and will also reduce the complications of therapies and treatments.

    Eye cancer is likely to spread to organs such as liver and lungs. Hence, along with regular eye checkup, complete physical examination should also be done.

  3. Change in the lifestyle:

    One must opt for healthier choices and take care of their everyday nutrition. Processed meat must be cut down from regular diet. It is ok to consume red meat or processed meat once in a blue moon but consuming it on regular basis will definitely put strain on your digestive parts. Generally, after any medical treatment light and healthy diet is recommended. Consuming fruit juices and vegetable juices is a good option. You can also have vegetable soups for your taste buds. Consuming fruit as whole will provide you fibre which is required for proper digestion.

Cut down the limits of alcohol. Getting rid of addictions such as smoking, chewing tobacco and drugs will definitely reduce your chances of developing eye cancer recurrence.

Exercise daily. Do not start with heavy workout. Consult your doctor before undergoing any rigorous workout. Practicing yoga on regular basis will do well for your overall health. It will also improve your mental and psychological health. Meditation will take you to another level of mental strength.

Keep yourself emotionally well by pursuing your passion. Get involved in social work or the things that you like. Cultivate a new hobby. Discover passion for life. Have a positive outlook towards life and live each moment.

Take care!

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