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Cancer that originates in the eye is called eye cancer. It can affect the structure and surrounding tissues of the eyes. Eye cancer is of two types- one that develops in the eye is primary eye cancer and one that has spread to the eye from other body parts is malignant eye cancer. Retinoblastoma is an eye cancer that is mostly found in children and ocular melanoma is a eye cancer that is found in people above 18yrs of age.

Cancer is uncontrolled or unregulated growth of cells. This condition happens when the function of genes gets altered. Oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes are the genes that regulate the function of dividing and killing of cells. So, when their function is disturbed, growth of cells is not checked. This gives rise to the condition of cancer. Choroidal melanoma is the most common type of eye melanoma and iris melanoma and ciliary body melanoma are the rarest types of eye cancer. Eye cancers are diagnosed at the later stages of cancer that makes it difficult to treat. Regular visit to the eye specialist can help in diagnosing cancer early, as doctors can detect the presence of cancerous cells by examination.

Eye cancer support groups:

  1. American Cancer Society:

    It is one of the widely spread cancer organization in the United States of America. It gives proper treatment for the cancer patients and also provides emotional support. They help in enriching lives of cancer patients.

  2. Eye cancer network:

    It is an online eye cancer care community especially opened for eye cancer patients. The site provides you detail information about the cancer, its treatments and other information. The goal of the eye cancer network is to enrich the lives of cancer patients. The eye cancer network is one of the premier online communities for eye cancer patients.

  3. What next:

    It is also one of the cancer support group. It is developed in association with American Cancer Society. They offer support and focus on how to improve the lives of the patients.

  4. MD Anderson Cancer Center:

    The center is located in Texas in United States of America.

    Above mentioned are few eye cancer support groups that not only provide you with effective treatments but also strive to enrich your life.

Eye cancer support:

Cancer patients need lot of love, care and affection. They must learn to look at life with new attitude. Positive outlook towards life will help. Developing new interests and hobbies will take them away from their pain and worry. Spending time with nature, doing social work and pursuing your passion will rejuvenate your life.

You can also enroll yourself into cancer rehabilitation centers. They will offer palliative care. They will also provide you with treatments and look after your mental well being. Palliative care is the medical care that not only looks after your physical well being but also takes care of your mental health and makes you to look towards your life with a positive outlook.

Diet of the cancer patient is an important part that cannot be neglected. Initially, if the person is having difficulty in chewing solid foods, he can be fed with vegetable soups that are healthy. Fruit juices and vegetable juices such as carrot juice, beetroot juice etc. can be a good option. These juices are light and can replenish all the lost nutrients and vitamins. Consult the dietician and plan diet accordingly.

Take care!

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