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Cancer is no longer a dreaded word. Thanks to the advancement in the technology in the medical field. Treatments for eye cancer are available and the success rate of these treatments is quite high if the cancerous tumor is detected in the early stages. Eye cancer has two categories. One is primary eye cancer category and the other is malignant eye cancer category. Primary eye cancer can be defined as the cancer that originates in the eye itself whereas malignant eye cancer can be defined as the cancer that spreads to the eye from other body parts. Usually, the symptoms of eye cancer are found in the later stages of cancer. If one undergoes regular eye check-up, cancerous tumor in the eye can be detected early and treated successfully. Eye cancer that develops in the early age is called as retinoblastoma and eye cancer that develops in the adult age is called as ocular melanoma. According to a survey conducted in the North America, 325 children were diagnosed with eye cancer per year and the success rate of the treatment exceeded 95% due to early detection of the cancerous tumor in the eye.

Eye cancer treatments:

There are fundamental three treatments that are widely used to treat any type of cancer. These three treatments are surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. As per the requirements, these treatments can be used in combinations.

Eye cancer surgery:

Depending upon where the location of tumor is in the eye, surgery can include removal of tumor or removal of some part of the eye or removal of the entire eye. However, the option of removal of entire eye is considered only when there is no other solution available and if the entire eye is not removed then it can possess threat to other parts of the body.

  • Removing the tumor:

    When surgery is used to remove the tumor from the eye ball without removal of the entire eye is called as tumor resection. The surgery includes the opening of eye ball to remove the tumor. Ehen eye ball is opened; there are chances that the cancerous cells might spread to the nearby tissues. When the tumor is treated, sclera is put back into its place. Surgery includes few of the side-effects such as bleeding and damage to the lens.

  • Removal of a part of the eye:

Here also, depending upon the location of tumor in the eye surgery is performed.

  1. Iridocyclectomy: This surgerical process is used to treat small melanomas of the iris and may include removal of iris and cilliary body of the eye.
  2. Choroidectomy: This surgerical processincludes removal of choroid, a part of the eye.
  3. Iridectomy: iridectomy includes removal of iris and is again used to treat small melanoma of the iris.
  4. Iridotrabeculectomy: this comprises of removal of iris and cornea.

Above are mentioned surgeries that are used to remove the tumor of the eye by removal of the part of the eye.

  • Removal of the entire eye: This surgery used to remove entire eye is called as enucleation. This procedure is used to treat large eye melanomas.
  • Laser surgery: Laser surgery is used to treat only small eye melanomas. A very high, powerful beam of light is used to kill the cancerous tumor by producing heat at the directed tissues. Local anesthesia is injected and you need not stay in the hospital overnight.
  • Transpupillary thermotherapy: The treatment is similar to the laser surgery and is used to treat choroid of the eye.

Artificial eye implants can be fitted after six weeks of surgery. The process is called as prosthesis.

Above are mentioned types of eye cancer surgery.

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