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Eye cancer is also called a 'silent killer' as it is one of the rarest types of cancers and the early signs or symptoms of this cancer are evident when the cancer has progressed in its later stages. There are four stages inany type of cancer. The first stage of eye cancer can be cured efficiently and easily. Second and third stages of cancer can also be cured with treatments and therapies such as surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The fourth or the last stage of cancer is quite difficult to treat.

In this last stage of cancer, the cancerous cells have spread to most of the body parts. Hence, in this stage along with removing the primary tumor, other body parts where the tumor has spread also have to be operated. Hence, the emphasis is on early detection of eye cancer. However, this cancer is difficult to diagnose in its initial stages. Physical symptoms appear only in the later stages of cancer. It's your eye specialist who can diagnose eye cancer in its early stages. Hence, one must regularly visit an eye specialist and have an eye check-up done. Retinoblastoma is a type of eye cancer which is observed in children.

Statistics of Eye Cancer Survival Rate and Life Expectancy:

Eye cancer is one of the rarest types of cancers.

The survival rate for the patients whose eye cancer has not spread to other body parts and is confined to the eye only is of minimum five years. This survival rate is found among 80% of people. If the eye cancer has spread to other parts of the body, only 15% of people achieve the survival rate of five years.

Out of 4 people as many as 3 people can achieve five years survival rate.

Estimated new cases of eye cancer in this year in United States of America are 2570. 1270 are estimated male cases of eye cancer and 1300 are estimated female cases of eye cancer.

Estimated deaths during this year in United States of America are 240 out of which 130 are males and 110 are females.

To achieve the five year survival rate, doctors have to go through the records of patients who were treated five years ago. Depending upon the age of the person, sex of the person and health of the person treatment is decided.

Ways to increase the survival rate:

  1. Even after a successful treatment of eye cancer, one must visit the doctor on a regular basis so as to check if the cancer has recurred or not.
  2. People must quit the habit of smoking and chewing tobacco. The nicotine present in tobacco is blamed for causing a variety of cancers in the human body.
  3. Have ahealthy diet. Avoid red meat. Consume fresh vegetable juices as they are packed with loads of vitamins and minerals. Consuming fruits and vegetable juices will help in replenishing all the lost nutrients from the body. Do not forget to intake lots of fluids.
  4. Exercise daily. Consult your doctor before undergoing a heavy workout. Brisk walking is a very simple exercise with lots of health benefits.

Keep an optimistic approach towards life. You can win over Cancer if you know the secret to good health and positive attitude.

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