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Cancer is one of the most dreaded words. On hearing the person has been diagnosed with cancer, the first question that first comes to his or her mind is how much time I have in my hands? But since the advancement in medical science and technology, cure and treatment is available. Cancer can be eradicated completely if detected early. Now, let us define cancer. Cancer is multiplication of cells beyond normal limit. Generally, the cells divide and then they die. But, in the case of cancer, the cells reproduce at a rapid pace and they don't die. These extra cells form tumors. Now, tumors can be of two types- malignant tumors and benign tumors. Cancer is associated with the malignant tumors and not with benign tumors. But, sometimes benign tumors can grow into malignant tumors. Hence, we have to be careful.

Eye cancer is of two types- primary eye cancer where in the tumor originates in the eye itself and malignant cancer where the cancerous cells spread to the eye. Eye cancer can affect all the parts of eye. Not all tumors are cancerous. Benign tumors do not harm the eye but malignant tumors such as retinoblastoma are cancerous. Retinoblastoma is the eye cancer normally found in children whereas ocular melanoma is this cancer found in adults. Eye cancer statistics reveal that approximately 325 children are diagnosed with eye cancer per year in North America and the good news is that the cure rate exceeds 95% only if the cancer is detected early. Eye cancer because of its uncommonness is also called as silent killer.

Eye cancer symptoms:

  1. Eye cancer in children e.g. retinoblastoma can be identified when the photographs show white or yellow spot in the pupil instead of red reflux. This is one of the easiest ways to detect eye cancer. Since, eye cancer symptoms do not show in the early stages, it is better to book regular appointments with your eye specialist or ophthalmologist or optometrist since he is the only one who can diagnose eye cancer in its early stage and early detection leads to successful treatments. Opthalmoscope is the instrument used to look into the eye in order to examine it during a routine check-up.
  2. Floaters i.e. seeing floating objects or spots
  3. Watery eyes
  4. Sore eyes
  5. Blurred vision
  6. Dark spot which gradually grows in the iris or conjunctiva
  7. Loss of vision
  8. Partial loss of eyesight
  9. Loss of peripheral i.e. sidewise vision eyesight
  10. Double vision or diminished vision

Eye cancer early signs:

Since, in the eye cancer signs show in the last stage, there are few eye cancer early signs which will help in early diagnosing of cancer.

Few of the eye cancer early signs are listed below:

  • There is constant pain in the eye for more than two weeks
  • Change in the movement of eyeball within the socket or bulging of eyeballs
  • Decrease in the vision i.e. your vision is not that sharp as it was previously
  • Fogging vision
  • Change in the size or shape of the pupil

These eye cancer symptoms and early signs enlisted above go a long way in reducing the fatal risk of cancer. One has to be especially careful regarding eye cancer since it is detected in the last stages and is very rare. The common malignant eye cancers are lung cancer and breast cancer.

Healthy diet, regular exercise, staying away from harmful substances like nicotine, getting enough sufficient sleep regularly, keeping stress at bay and knowing your genes and family medical history are a few simple steps that can reduce the risk of cancer by a big margin.

Take care!

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