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Gallbladder cancer or bile duct cancer is a distressing disease with very poor prognosis and difficult diagnosis. Significant number of deaths is accredited to this disease, all over the globe. Gallbladder cancer awareness is a prime functionality of many nonprofit organizations. Various awareness programs make sure that people are educated about this disease and also the various counterparts of it.

Awareness programs include lectures or seminars conducted to impart knowledge about the breakthroughs, statistics, risk factors, symptoms and other factors associated with gallbladder cancer. There are volunteer organizations and groups who support the awareness programs for various cancers and conduct activities to raise funds for the cancer research and trials.

Awareness program are vital to decrease the mortality rate of the cancer and spread the awareness about the treatments available the recourses to look for, expert guidance about the disease and gallbladder prevention and many more such ideas.

Not only the non-profit organizations or volunteering groups, but the government and health departments are concerned about spreading the awareness, and hence, department of health funds various awareness programs that will help to bring down the mortality rate as well as instances of this disease.

Awareness Programs: Aim

There are various awareness programs for spreading awareness about this uncommon disease. Health awareness regional program is committed to deliver quality of health promotions, conduct and assist various awareness programs across the region.

Main aim of awareness programs is to educate people about the disease, its risk factors and ways to prevent it. The awareness programs may also aim at informing the patients about the ways to receive treatments, breakthrough treatments of the disease, after care available for the patients with advanced stage of cancer, and the support groups available to extend help.

Alertness regarding the weird and probable symptoms of the disease is vital as this will ensure early diagnosis of gallbladder cancer. There can be a free screening schedules run to determine the cases of gallbladder cancer.

Awareness about the health care benefits available to fight the cancer and avail the screenings is crucial. Health awareness regional program works in collaboration with certain groups and communities to meet the aim of educating and alerting the people about the disease.

Awareness Program: Activities

Various activities are conducted as a part of awareness programs. There are seminars, open forums, support groups' counseling sessions for the patients and their family members to cope with the condition.

Health care departments and regional awareness programs have tie-ups with hospitals and expert doctors, who impart knowledge about the symptoms of the disease, its causes, types of treatments available, counseling about the appropriate treatment and approach towards the disease.

Awareness regarding the follow up care of gallbladder is also important to help the patient lead a quality life. Free screening programs are carried out at the hospitals and the people are informed in advance to avail the facility.

Many cancer supporting groups and volunteers may carry out fund raising activities to support the cancer research. Kelly green ribbon volunteers for diseases such as kidney, liver, gallbladder or bile duct cancer. Various products such as t-shirts, wrist bands, green bracelets or ribbon are used to spread awareness about the disease and also to extend morale support to the people suffering from gallbladder cancer.

Fund raised from the sale of such products are used for the gallbladder cancer research and breakthrough studies for new treatments. Awareness programs may motivate a few patients with little or no response to the standard treatment, for registering into clinical research trials. Awareness programs will also inform the patients in a region about the cancer groups formed by the patients to share their personal experiences and extend mutual support to each other.

Gallbladder cancer or bile duct cancer is a cancer of the tissues in the gallbladder. This cancer metastasizes soon after it begins and hence, spreading gallbladder cancer awareness is important to make sure that the incidences are reduced significantly.

Currently, around 10000 cases of gallbladder cancer are reported for a year in the United States, and the mortality rate for a year accounts to around 3500 cases. Aggressive nature of the cancer makes it difficult to treat cancer through removal of the organ. Kelly green color ribbon is dedicated to the organ donation and cancers related to the liver, gallbladder, or kidney. To spread awareness, people wear products such as t-shirts, bracelets and pins to extend their support to the survivors and patients of this disease.

Awareness programs are helpful to educate people about the prognosis and treatments of the disease. It informs patients about the types of therapies available. It arranges forums or seminars to answer the queries of the patients about the disease.

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