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Gallbladder cancer is common in some specific geographical locations such as Eastern Europe, Northern India, Central America, South America and Japan. Apart from these geographical distributions, it is uncommon over the globe.

The cancer growth initiating in the gallbladder is termed as gallbladder cancer. Gallbladder is a small sac-like organ that stores bile and is responsible to concentrate and pass bile to the small intestine, which is important to break down the fats in the food items.

Gallbladder cancer may be curable in early detected cases. Elderly people, usually above 50 get this cancer easily. As soon as the symptoms of the disease show up, it is better to seek gallbladder cancer cure. There are various methods to cure the condition including different surgeries and therapies.

However, there are strong possibilities that the cancer may not show any early signs and thereby challenge the prognosis of the treatment. Also, most of the gallbladder cancer symptoms are vague and resemble other digestive problems in the body.

Cure and Management:

Regardless to whether a cancer is curable or not, curing it is always challenging and being a rare and difficult to treat cancer, management and cure for the disease is difficult.

There are four stages of the disease and it is significant to consider the stage, type of cancer and its invasion while deciding the cure technique. This cancer is usually considered as non-curable if the diagnosis is late and is confirmed only at the later stages. In such circumstances, the treatment technique aims at relieving the symptoms of the disease and prolonging the patient's life with better quality of life.

For the cure and treatment of the disease, a patient may opt either for a standard treatment technique or even volunteer for clinical trials. Clinical trials are continued to develop new treatment techniques to cure cancer or to enhance the current standard cancer treatment techniques to offer better solutions.

In case, the results of the clinical trials are positive, then the new techniques are accepted as standard treatment techniques. Following are a few standard cancer cure techniques used as of date:

  • Surgery - This cure technique is the most effective amongst the other standard techniques, provided the cancer is in its early stage and has not invaded much to the inner tissues of the gallbladder.

    Before a surgical cure is determined, an oncology surgeon will do some investigations and take note of patient's age, overall health and conduct examinations to determine the invasion of the cancer, and whether it has metastasized to other locations and surrounding organs.

    Surgical intervention may be of two types- curative approach and palliative approach. The difference between the two is that the former intends to remove the complete gallbladder and surrounding malignancy if any to cure the condition, while the latter intends to simply relieve the symptoms by a surgical technique.

    Surgery to remove gallbladder may be of two types- simple cholecystectomy and extended cholecystectomy. The former involves only the removal of gallbladder, while the cancer is still confined to the outer surface cells of the gallbladder. Extended cholecystectomy is used when the cancerous cells have invaded to the deeper tissues of the gallbladder and metastasized to the liver and surrounding lymph nodes. This procedure removes gallbladder as well as a part of liver and also the lymph nodes in the region.

  • Radiation Therapy - In case, the cancer has invaded to a level where surgical cure is not possible or has certain complications associated with surgery then, radiation therapy is best suited for such patients. However, complete cure of the disease is not possible through this technique, but it certainly can help the patient survive longer.

    This technique uses high-power radiation beams that are capable of destroying the malignant cells and contract the tumor size. This technique may be used alone or in combination with another treatment option, chemotherapy.

  • Chemotherapy - This treatment technique is used for the metastasized cancer that has spread to the other organs of the body, involving the lymph nodes and complete or a part of the liver. This treatment may be administered alone or may be given in combination with the radiation therapy.

Chemotherapy may also be given after a surgery to make sure that any surrounding cells affected by the tumor should be destroyed with the help of this technique. Chemotherapy procedure uses a few cancer-killing medicines and patient receives these drugs either orally or through injection in the veins.

Chemotherapy has a wide adaptability as a few people may not be candidates for radiation therapy due to a recent radiation therapy received or sensitive to radiations, but chemotherapy does not have such drawbacks and is well received by most of the patients however, has some side effects associated with it.

Gallbladder cancer cure is possible only if the disease is detected at an early stage. Surgical removal of the gallbladder is the best possible solution to cure the disease and avoid recurrence of gallbladder cancer while it is in its initial stages.

Once, the disease metastasizes, radiation therapy and chemotherapy offer cure procedures, but the main focus is not to cure the cancer, but to offer better quality of life to the patient and improving his/her life expectancy.

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