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Gallbladder cancer causes significant number of deaths and as per the statistical data, the death toll of the disease alone in America is around 3300 deaths in the year 2010. Any cancer is curable during its initial stages and so is the gallbladder cancer, however, it is very difficult to diagnose this cancer at an early stage thereby making it difficult to arrest the number of deaths caused following this cancer.

Prevention is the best measure and it's always better to arrest the possibility of getting the disease rather that curing it later. Moreover, if it is an almost non-curable disease such as malignant growth in the gallbladder, then gallbladder cancer prevention holds vital importance.

Preventing gallbladder cancer may be simple by staying away from the risk factors of the disease, which are avoidable. However, apart from this there is no established way to prevent gallbladder cancer and moreover, many of the risk factors are beyond human control.

Preventing Gallbladder Cancer

Prevention of gallbladder cancer includes a little change in lifestyle and avoiding the threat factors leading to the development of malignant growth of cells in the gallbladder. Following should be done to avoid the incidence of gallbladder cancer:

  • Healthy Weight

    Maintaining normal and healthy weight is very important step to avoid the risk of gallstones and gallbladder cancer. While maintaining healthy weight, avoiding rapid weight loss is also important as it can form gallstones. Orlistat and ursodiol are common types of medicines that can protect against the risk of gallstones formation during rapid weight loss.

  • Diet Diet plays an important role in preventing us from many diseases and disorders. It is also, associated with cancer prevention. Fatty substances in diet may elevate the risk of gallstones and thereby of gallbladder cancer.

    Dietary intake of fibres, nuts, and monounsaturated fats such as olive oil and fish oils is good to keep the gallstones disorder away. Avoiding is carbohydrate-rich or sugar contained food is important to prevent the disease. One should follow a regular intake of fruits in diets, around 4-5 servings of various fruits in diet is good for healthy weight as well as prevention of gallbladder cancer.

  • Removal of Gallstones

    Gallstones are a vital risk factor of gallbladder cancer. Almost 80% of people treated for gallstones are diagnosed with gallbladder cancer during or following the treatment. However, not every person diagnosed with gallstones disorder is likely to develop malignancy. Removal of gallbladder is one of the methods to prevent the cancerous growth in patients with gallstones. Nevertheless, doctors may not prescribe the organ removal for every patient, but those symptomatic for cancer development.

  • Lifestyle Changes

    Certain changes in lifestyle are also vital to prevent gallbladder cancer. Such lifestyle changes include giving up or limiting smoking. Second hand smoke is more dangerous and should be strictly ruled out.

    Avoiding tobacco usage and alcohol is also important to stay away from gallbladder cancer disease. Apart from avoiding the harmful things, inculcating regular exercise in the daily schedule is also essential to prevent gallbladder cancer.

  • Avoid Asbestos Exposure

    Asbestos is the environmental pollutant that is present in the environment in the form of mineral fibres. Asbestos mineral is used for various commercial purposes such as construction works, and people working at such places exposed to this mineral in abundance, are likely to get gallbladder cancer. So avoiding the over exposure to such pollutants is one of the preventive measure, however, not always it is possible for a being to change his/her profession.

  • Low Cholesterol Levels

    Although, these studies are yet to be established, cholesterol levels are also associated with Cholesterol gallstones disorder. Hence, use of cholesterol lowering medicines is helpful to prevent gallstones and probably the gallbladder cancer resulting after gallstones problem.

Prevention of any disease is better than the treatment or cure of the disease. Gallbladder cancer is one of the aggressive cancer types and soon after diagnosis can move to non-curable stage. Usually, the diagnosis itself is done at an advanced stage that cannot be cured with surgical intervention and the only treatment option available is curative therapies, which mainly aim at relieving the symptoms and improving the quality of life.

Hence, if a person puts efforts towards preventing the cancer before it affects him/her. There is no sure technique to prevent gallbladder cancer, but certainly some of its risk factors are avoidable and avoiding them can be step towards disease prevention. Nonetheless, most of the risk factors such as family history, gender, ethnicity etc. are not avoidable.

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