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Recurrence of any disease is unwelcoming and if it is the cancer, it is certainly stressful. Gallbladder cancer recurrence is a common concern in the patients who have had cancer of the gallbladder. Gallbladder cancer is considered to be an aggressive cancer that suddenly progresses to advanced stage and hence, the treatment of this cancer does not offer good prognosis.

However, once a patient has received a successful treatment for the disease, it may be quite relieving but certainly cannot be completely stress-free as there are high possibilities of the cancer coming back in a localized or metastasized form.

After receiving the initial treatment for gallbladder cancer, if the cancer returns, then the treatment technique is decided after considering certain factors such as earlier treatment technique, the area affected by the recurrence of cancer and patient's overall health.

There are very low chances of the recurrent gallbladder cancer to be resectable and hence, patients may opt for participating in the clinical trial for breakthrough treatments' research.

Recurrence of Gallbladder Cancer:

The recurrence of cancer is a term for explaining the coming back of the cancer. There are several recurrence instances of the gallbladder cancer after receiving the original treatment. There was a study conducted to study the recurrence likelihood due to the laparoscopic cholecystectomy surgery.

The study was conducted over 26 patients out of these 15 had an advanced stage cancer and were treated with laparoscopic cholecystectomy. After the resection, there were four cases that reported recurrence of cancer during the follow up of the patients.

However, studies established that the reason for the recurrence is not laparoscopic resection but probably the advanced stage of the cancer. Hence, laparoscopic cholecystectomy is considered to be promising treatment for long-term prognosis of gallbladder cancer.

However, there is a strong connection between the follow ups of the patient after receiving the treatment and following a healthy lifestyle along with avoiding certain manageable risk factors of the disease.

If the cancer recurs, patient may have poor response to the secondary treatment due to the fear and lack of optimism towards the treatment. Emotional quotient is also involved in recurrence cases and hence, a treatment technique should be selected after considering these factors.

Recurrence Areas

The coming back of cancer is recurrence and this can be diagnosed at the earliest during the follow-ups after the original curative treatment. There are high recurrence chances with the surgical resection of the disease as the surrounding muscle tissues may have some cancer cells left.

Hence, to avoid the recurrence possibilities of the cancer, oncologists may recommend radiation therapy after the surgical removal of the gallbladder. This makes sure that the nearby cancer cells that may have left over after the resection are destroyed effectively.

Gallbladder cancer recurrence may be localized regional or metastasized. Localized recurrence is the same port that was earlier treated for the cancer has the cancerous cell development spotted.

Regional recurrence is characterized by cancer cells' development in the nearby region from the gallbladder. Metastasized or distant recurrence of cancer cells is when the cancer develops in the distant organs from the gallbladder.

Treatment for Recurrent Cancer

As per the statistical data studied for the recurrence cases, there are very few cases of the localized cancer recurrence, where the cancer has come back in the same place that received treatment for the removal of cancerous growth.

Most of the recurrence cases are distant or regional and are categorized as unresectable. Hence, a different mode of treatment has to be decided to cure the gallbladder cancer. Most likely, the treatment technique will be a combination of surgical resection of the cancerous growth and followed by radiation therapy as well as chemotherapy schedules to completely destroy the malignant growth.

If the cancer has grown advanced then the treatment techniques are aimed at prolonging the patient's life relieving the symptoms and pain. The treatment is much of palliative type than the curative type. Patient's emotional stress and social needs are also addressed through this treatment technique.

Many patients may opt for clinical trials and become a part of gallbladder research conducted to pursue new treatment directed to curing the disease.

Gallbladder cancer recurrence is a term that describes the disease re-appearing after the initial treatment. Patient is asked to follow up after the surgical or other original treatment for cancer.

During the follow up screening examinations if again cancerous cells are spotted in the local, regional or distant location then it is the recurrence of the cancer. A curative or a palliative treatment is selected by the oncologist depending upon the area of the recurrence and cancerous spread.

Usually, surgical resection alone is not eligible for recurrence cases and it has to be accompanied by chemotherapy and radiation therapy schedules.

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