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Gallbladder cancer research and breakthrough spawned and is underway around the world. Various medical centres are engaged in seeking a better solution for the disease, which is amongst the fourth common cancers in the United States of America.

The most important thing to prevent the death toll from rising high is diagnosing the disease during its initial stages, which is utterly difficult due to the unavailability of specific screening methods that can detect the gallbladder cancer during early stages.

Hence, research work is dedicated with different trial cases, to seek better screening examinations for gallbladder cancer and also betterment of treatment techniques and effective drugs for the condition.

Research work has brought up significant results and breakthrough drugs and therapies are about to be introduced in the medical world that have promising results to offer for this disease.

Research is vital for any disease and before any treatment is used as a standard treatment, there has to be ample research hours and trials invested in the same. However, gallbladder cancer research trials are less due to uniqueness of the disease.

Importance of Research

Even today's standard treatments for cancer are a result of past research work. Research is a continued effort at global level involving several research laboratories, scientists and medical centres.

The research work is carried out to come up with breakthrough medications or tests of the disease. Gallbladder cancer breakthrough may involve seeking a better therapeutical approach to deliver better palliative care to the patient, as usually, the patient is diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer.

The research and breakthrough is important as it assures that the new treatment developed or the examination technique introduced is effective and it certainly works. Also, the newer treatments assure better results than the standard treatments already in place and at the same time, the safety issue is also taken care of, while offering better solution over the previous techniques of treatment.

A breakthrough research in the area of gallbladder cancer includes the linking of estrogens' level in the body with the tumorous growth. A group of researchers from the University of Houston have found out an impact of estrogens level with the malignancy and the research report states that reducing the estrogens levels will certainly arrest the cancer growth.

Following these research studies findings for new drugs for decreasing the estrogens level in the human body is continued. Such drugs may be included in the conventional and standard treatment for gallbladder cancer to have a better prognosis.

Breakthrough Results

  • New Diagnostic Examination

    Although, there are already various standard examinations used for diagnosis of the disease, but research is ongoing to seek a better examination that helps detect the problem at its earliest to keep the opportunity of better treatment and cure of gallbladder cancer. There is a breakthrough examination that will be introduced as diagnostic test for gallbladder cancer. The examination is known as Mcm5 (mini-chromosome maintenance protein) test that may give accurate and early results for the detection of cancer development in the gallbladder or biliary duct.

  • Treatment

    Standard treatment such as surgery to remove gallbladder during early stages and administration of chemotherapy and radiation therapy is continued to be used to treat gallbladder cancer.

    However, combined therapy combining chemotherapy drugs and radiation therapy is being studied to assure better results for the patients undergoing surgery or before surgical treatment of the cancer. Even newer radiation therapy techniques are studied such as 3D-CRT (3 dimensional conformal radiation therapy), proton beam radiation therapy technique as well as intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT).

    These new radiation therapy techniques aim at destroying the cancerous cells in a particular area, while doing the least harm to the normal tissues and cells in the surrounding areas.

    Targeted therapy is also a promising breakthrough of the disease that targets the tumor blood vessels. New chemotherapy drugs such as Sorafenib and Bevacizumab, arrest new blood vessel growth leading to the prevention of cancerous cells from growing in the gallbladder

    Some drugs also target the EGFR protein that is present in increased levels in the cancerous cells. These drugs are to be used in combination with radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

    Some of the common chemotherapy drugs tried and proved efficacy after clinical trials are carboplatin, gemcitabine, oxaliplatin, cisplatin and paclitaxel.

  • Palliative Care

    A best measure to manage the palliative care to the patient is photodynamic therapy. Although the main therapeutical care remains the same, better relief from symptoms may be achieved through this therapy.

    As the name suggests, this therapy photosensitizing drug is administered in the body so as to make the body more sensitive to radiations that kills the cancerous cells during radiation therapy, more effectively.

Gallbladder cancer research and breakthrough is a hope for the patients suffering this condition and hoping for better treatments and diagnostic tests to be accepted as safe.

Not only the whole treatment drug or technique may be invented through research and breakthrough, but also changes in the drug combinations, combination of therapies and new schedules of the treatment is also important.

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